Pokémon Legends Arceus Review – Catch them all once again Review

With the launch of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, an exciting new game from Nintendo’s cult Pokemon line, creators have promised us a complete change in the game. We visited the Gisui region to determine whether this really is the scenario.

  • producer: Game Freak
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Date of release: Jan. 28, 2022

I’m not an avid Pokemon fan, but I’ve been playing only the “photographic” sequel New Pokemon Snap, and proving my acquaintance with the universe, I’ll tell you a fascinating detail: I’ve only recently realized that Pikachu isn’t a name or a species, but rather the name of a species.

However, I don’t have resentment for the franchise, either. It’s not necessary to know the field to be aware that a series that has captured the imagination and hearts of millions of viewers is undoubtedly worthy of respect.

Additionally, the creators are looking for something different at least once. Not two games at the full price, only one game that is, in terms of gameplay, some improvements were stated. After reading a brief background on the series on YouTube, I absorbed myself into the realm of Arceus to discover the amazing world of Pokemon.


  • 1. The Fellow
  • 2. Our new home
  • 3. Catch and Fight
  • 4. Explore and design
  • 5. Almost open world
  • 6. Tech
  • 7. Verdict


The plot hasn’t been one of the strengths of this series of Pokemon games. Maybe it’s due to the “children’s” reputation for the game or just a matter of priorities, or perhaps it’s the fact that there aren’t any revelations and complex philosophical debates and nontrivial narratives or any other plot-related gimmicks to be expected.

The game starts with a selection of characters that can be either one of two characters, a boy or girl. After a few tweaks, which are limited to 12 face options, We are given the intriguing story. Our protagonist falls out of the sky and then through the space-time gap and discovers himself in a place called Gisui. It seems that in the past – in this region, people were only taught how to coexist with pokemons and then began to study them, and the technology level is similar to that of the medieval age.

We meet a strange professor named Laventon, an expert in research on pokemon that has apparent issues with competence. Three pokemons escape from him that we have to help capture. It’s a simple task (jumping ahead, I suggest this is a common occurrence in nearly everything in the game). We hurry to the village of Jubilee, where a Galactic Team is based – an organization that studies the area and the pokemon that inhabit it.

The team allows us to work in the research department, and we must pass tests and demonstrate our skills. It’s easy to get a job – and now we’re not just an innocent teenager who was thrown from the ceiling, but a genuine hero and a coveted one. Thanks to his incredible pokemon abilities can help save the most powerful of them from being a victim of madness and avert the dreadful fate of the entire world.

Our new home

Jubilife is a typical, spherical-in-a-vacuum location-hub. Alongside it being home to the Galaxy Hall, a sort of town hall, where you can be assigned tasks, there’s also an eatery, pastures for pokemon, a unique location to trade the creatures as well as a farm, training grounds, a variety of vendors selling a variety of valuable and non-essential things, numerous houses, including ours as well as a hairdresser, and an image studio. But, of course, anything you want, you want to pay.

There’s no doubt that many of these fashions have a purely aesthetic purpose, but that’s an all-encompassing trend, not just of the specific genre, however, but of the business in general. Today, you’re beginning to be happy that you don’t need to shell out real money for “cosmetics. It’s amusing since the symbol for the country’s currency is nearly identical to that of the Russian ruble.

Within the town, players receive stories provided by Galactic. Galactic group and get part in side quests offered by the various residents. I’ve already mentioned the story’s basic plot and side quests, but they aren’t exciting even though it’s a standard feature for the JRPG genre as a whole. The essence of “come and find it” can take forms like “go take the pokémon,” “study a pokemon fully,” as well as “talk to a few characters.”

Fight and catch

Games from the Pokemon series have always, to one extent or another, stood on three bases – collecting Pokemon and fighting system as well as sharing “pocket creatures” with your friends. Sharing required a specific cable to connect Game Boy consoles, which was a significant change in the past. In the Switch world of today, everything is performed wirelessly, locally, or even on the Internet; However, the method remains the same: the game is a tribute to its roots.

The methods of catching have been modified. Before, we can capture a Pokemon, but only by fighting the monster can we aim our pokeballs at wild Pokemon walking free. It’s not 100% guaranteed to be successful, but there’s the chance.

The stealth technique has come to the forefront, and a stealthy approach and a higher chance of getting a pokemon caught are more significant. However, the most powerful and aggressive ones can be captured by the traditional method of weakening during combat. They are also an innovation of Arceus. They can now strike at the player and have an exclusive evasion move in control.

Some of the more challenging species are massive and feature red eyes – also known as alpha pokemon. They are much more challenging to take down and will also fight with greater effectiveness to your advantage when you capture them. There are just under 200 pokemon total in the game. In addition, there are common pokemon from earlier parts and new species from the Gisui region or local variants of the pokemon we have already seen.

The combat system uses similar turn-based battles between Pokemon, reminiscent of classic JRPGs. However, the player is not involved in the fight and instead selects one of the six pokemon he has brought as he commands. The actions are not necessarily sequential but are instead based upon the pace of the Pokémon and being displayed in sequence on the screen. This means that the more skilled fighters can perform many moves in succession.

Battles are built on easy to master yet beautifully created mechanics that use different kinds (elements) of Pokemon and moves. Certain types of moves offer various degrees of effectiveness when used against various types of pokemon. They range from having none effect to super-effect and asymmetrical ratios. Each move comes with a specific number of restored applications only after the other moves, which means you won’t be able to knock all of them out in one move.

When you win battles, your pokemon are improved by learning new moves and improving existing ones. In the second case, you have the option of choosing the most powerful or dexterous technique when performing an act.

In the first scenario, the damage is less and is done faster, and the Pokemon will receive additional moves. The second time, however, the move could be missed. However, the damage will be greater. Pokemon may transform into stronger species after they have reached a certain point.

The difficulty of fighting at similar pokemon levels is quite easy. The trick is to ensure that your team is balanced by selecting pokemon with different movements when facing different foes.

There are serious issues caused by temporal and spatial distortions that appear suddenly and visible on the map as anomalies, where out of the blue with special effects, you can see strong high-level pokemon. Also, they can subdue noble pokemon. The story, as well as the game chip Arceus local boss, fights.

Blessed Pokemon are a particular type of strong person revered by local clans. A mysterious force caused them to become insane, following which they started to shine with a mysterious golden glow and then attack humans.

The player’s goal is to evade an attack from Pokemon and then hit it with the balms of its preferred food. This, upon the success of the hit, reduces its “madness level.” The objective is to reduce it down to zero. Sometimes, you have the chance to battle him. And after winning, he’s idle for a time and is open to well-aimed throws.

Explore and design

It is important to remember we are explorator. So, fighting and catching are not just to boost your energy levels. However, they are also necessary to maintain Pokedex, an online encyclopedia of pokemon that contains information about these adorable creatures. To complete this book, you’ll need to complete these so-called research-related tasks.

The sound is loud; however, the reality is that these tasks are completed by themselves. You just need to catch the same Pokemon a certain amount of times, take it down in battle, take it without being noticed, or observe the same trick during the war… It’s like New Pokemon Snap, but this time we don’t simply take pictures of pokemon; we manage them by ourselves.

Another fascinating aspect – the game introduced crafting. It is possible to make healing potions and enhance snacks baits, tools for support, and pokeballs for us and our pokemon using our hands. The whole process is easy and quite simple; the most important thing is gathering resources to discover the recipe. The resources are scattered across the various locations and are retrieved from defeated Pokemon, and multiple characters hand out recipes throughout the story.

World that is extremely open

Another significant change is that we do not go through levels like corridors, but instead, we go out into this “semi-open” realm of Gisui quickly, which consists of several areas, each one designed to be a distinct ecosystem. Details aren’t well-developed; however, the time of day, as an instance, can change in this area – and that determines the pokemon you meet.

The areas in Gisui are huge, and it can be quite difficult to walk around them. However, after just two hours of playing and we’re able to get our first rider pokemon, which resembles the appearance of a Virdir deer.

As time passes, there will be more, and each one has their unique talents such as swimming and another fly, and another can search for hidden resources and even find lost people. There’s also a handy system for quick movement around the area’s main points.

However, you cannot transfer between places by yourself, only via the hub. This is a bizarre and absurd limitation. Particularly when you consider that you don’t need to go back to the village to get rest, rest, research report, and redistribute pokemons. All of it is accessible in the base camps located at the entrance and in other important places as you travel around.

Technical component

However, the technical aspect that the games are flawed. Graphics are not great, “stairs” catch the attention even on handheld, and there is a sudden appearance of objects in the order they appear. This is isn’t even the final, and it’s the previous generation that came before this one, and a price reduction for the Iron Switch is not possible. simply look at how it is, for instance, Monster Hunter Rise.

The controls are excellently executed with a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and with the needed tips. However, the way we interact with our character and his pet isn’t as straightforward. What are these invisible walls within which our Virdir sits when he tries to climb a tiny mountain and still can climb, with multiple attempts, and in an established location, not distinct from the other obstacles?

The music and sound are fine, but like a lot of JRPGs, it’s a little unobtrusive. I’ve played lots of Arceus in subways, and even I forgot to pack headphones. I’m confident that the absence of sound isn’t a problem and doesn’t affect the enjoyment of the game. Additionally, the characters’ dialogues here aren’t voiced. Not even in English. In Russian, there’s not any text, though the official website has translated it very effectively. Maybe “will bring” in a bit later.


Pokemon Legends: Arceus is an excellent game that is of good standard (graphics aside); however, for me, with a detached view, it’s a bit disappointing. However, fans of the series will surely appreciate it. The game certainly will delight children – although I disagree with the notion of “games designed for children,” but because of the ease of learning and minimal levels of difficulty, they’ll feel very at ease.

On my own, I was never able to comprehend what was the “magic in Pokemon” was about. It was fun to play; however, Arceus completely lacks any kind of enthusiasm. Advanced mechanics, simple controls, and a range of adorable Pokemon could be a drag for days. However, they are rewarded with boring gameplay with a low level of difficulty and a short storyline.

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