Playstation 5 Test

It’s going to happen. Eventually, it will be the time when some gaming enthusiasts will have one of the brand new PlayStation 5 consoles in their hands when it launches on November 19th. It will be a week later than the US, in fact. It’s a bit odd, isn’t it?

Sony has a head start in the battle between consoles because of a large population of more than 100 million PS4 customers, with a large portion of them remaining loyal to their brand. The competition will be to blame after the massive Xbox 360 and the Xbox One’s disastrous launch due to miscalculations and mistakes. But there’s a negative since Sony appears certain of its capabilities. Modifications to the PS4’s core idea are unnoticeable.

While Microsoft is focused on expanding its Game Pass subscription service and allowing gaming on nearly every platform, Sony is currently staying faithful to its old model. Console plus attractive exclusive titles will continue to keep running. This has been a great start with titles like The Last of Us, Uncharted, Horizon: Zero Dawn, or God of War. The only thing to consider is whether Sony isn’t making a mess for its future self by using this conservative model.

But we’ll be waiting for exclusive titles, but we’ll have to wait. Massive chunks of content like the latest God of War or Horizon: Forbidden West are still very far off and will not even be exclusive to PS5, but they will be made available to the PS4. Sony will not be bothered by this, since consoles are selling out like hot cakes, even without retailers. Let’s all devote ourselves to the brand new console and its capabilities.

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