Played the Call of Duty Vanguard beta Review

The initial impressions from the beta testing in Call of Duty: Vanguard have settleddown, as the multiplayer beta for the game is now in progress initially only on PlayStation; however, testing is scheduled to start on other platforms, too. We’ll tell you what the game feels like at this point in development.

  • Producer: Sledgehammer Games
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Date of release: November 5, 2021

In the beta, there was only an option for Champion Hill mode was available The beta version expanded the possibilities: you can test the traditional Call of Duty “teamfighting” mode (the typical “wall-to-wall”), “superiority” (capturing and holding three control points), “kill confirmed” (after killing an enemy, you must be awarded a badge) in addition to the “patrol” game, in which teams battle to control the ever shifting map. The most exciting combat is constantly fought over it, and with a good chance, you will be able to defeat the entire enemy squad in one go.

In the beta version, certainly developers they’ve created a couple of maps. While in the alpha version, we had the option of playing in small areas, but in the beta, the scale of the maps grew and became more expansive, particularly in maps like the Red Star map, which is a snow-covered Stalingrad. There is also the option of fighting enemies on the top of the hotel located in Paris and shooting along the shores of an island located in the Pacific and within which the wrecked ship is.

There are a lot of weather effects that have been observed on maps. the exact Pacific location is occasionally covered by clouds, which impedes visibility. Furthermore, the destructibility is greater: partitions and walls are smashed through windows and doors. In addition, doors and windows can be broken, and holes in a stained-glass window make an ingenuous loophole. This serves the gaming aspect and serves as a decoration feature: at the end of the game, the areas transform and are covered in debris and shrapnel, giving the atmosphere of a thrilling battle.

The developers considered the concerns of players who had played the beta version of the game about the lack of readability of opponents. They are now more easily identifiable, and they don’t blend with the environment as much as they did before. The available images are better, and you can see more details. However, the sound has been deteriorating from the alpha. The shots and the enemies’ footsteps frequently blend into the mush, and it’s difficult to pinpoint their exact location.

During the testing phase, the first opportunity to assess the system of classes in Call of Duty: Vanguard. This is a separate account that pumps, and as you progress in your levels, you can unlock more perks (you can get up to three combatants). Equipment, including weapons and grenades and firearms: the greater you battle, for instance, using the STG.44 and the more weapons for this assault rifle will become available.

Certain guns may contain up to 10 modules, ranging from the muzzle to the buttstock. Each provides positive and negative effects, for instance, a boost in recoil control but an increase in aiming speed.

It is a heavy weapon, and its barrel “walks” across the entire range while firing. The weapon can be controlled with the help of modules; however, to achieve a balance between stability and force, you’ll have to try a variety of models. Several roles are available in the game, such as commando, guerrilla, raider, etc. Don’t limit your choice of weapons. It serves only to make diverse sets of equipment and then switch them.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is more like Modern Warfare 2019 than the other components of the series. The new game is based on similar engines, the same elements of the interface, and other aspects. It’s worth waiting for the freshness first for those who love MW, especially when the setting of modern times is already dull. Sledgehammer Games promise an exciting story-driven campaign with a zombie mode from Treyarch, 20 maps to play multiplayer from the beginning, and integration to Call of Duty: Warzone. It won’t be boring.

Timingline of Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer beta:

  • September 10-13, early access to PlayStation-only pre-order holders;
  • September 16-17 is early access is available for PC as well as Xbox customers who have pre-ordered, and opening the PlayStation open beta
  • September 18-20, open beta for all platforms.

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