Played Call of Duty Vanguard alpha – cheerful firefights in gray scenery Review

From August 27 to 29 on PlayStation consoles, the open alpha phase will continue testing the multiplayer modes Champion Hill within the forthcoming Shooter Call of Duty: Vanguard. We’ve participated in numerous firefights and are now ready to share our thoughts on the game.

  • Producer: Sledgehammer Games
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Date of release: November 5, 2021

In the beta testing phase in Call of Duty: Vanguard, There is just one available game mode, Champion Hill. It is a multiplayer game involving two players competing (team against group) in a series of rounds, trying to take down enemies and reach the top of the Leaderboard.

The ranking table appears after a few rounds.

Each team has 12 lives. The rounds are only about two minutes, and in that time, you must make the most kills you can to avoid being hit. Teams who lose all their lives are removed from the competition, and only the team that has saved at most one life will be left at the end of the finals.

The players are awarded cash for winning and killing rounds. Additionally, they can be picked from the maps (additional lives can be found here too). Coins can be spent on:

  • A gradual improvement of the weapon the weapon’s performance in succession. the parts you wish to put in, but instead place them one by one: collimator sight and muzzle brake. You can also install a leather-covered handle and others;
If you take down the team of your adversaries and take down the weapons used by its members. Yes, it’s lit up here, just like some Fortnite
    • buying new guns – at the beginning, everyone has available MP-40 or Thompson or Thompson by the side in the war; however, once you have saved up, you can purchase other guns like a revolver shotgun, the well-known “three-line” as well as a strong machine gun.

buying grenades – various types of grenades explode by hitting the targets, smoking, and the list goes on. Buy gadgets; players can purchase armored plates, spy planes, and other equipment.

You can purchase all the tools for support in one go However, some will only work only for one game
  • Buy perks that allow you to track the tracks of enemies, increase the stun resistance and expand the mini-map, and so on.

In the game, you can only spend money on upgrades to your weapon. The other bonuses can be purchased during procurement rounds paired with regular competitions. These rounds also allow you to take a break from fierce battles, but without the ability to commit an error. There isn’t a lot of money, so you must decide whether to buy gadgets and perks or increase the power of your weapon until it is “purple” and “gold.”

Gun behavior is different with each upgrade. However, only slightly can you fight effectively with weapons that you aren’t trained for.

I was a bit bored by Champion Hill mode boring. However, one person’s opinion is very that it is worth a look. There are many polarized reviews on the internet. Some like shootouts that are 2×2, while some want to participate in larger-scale action. Of course, there are different modes to play, and it could be included in Warzone shortly.

The shooting experience shooting in Call of Duty: Vanguard feels great. The gun feels heavy; the barrel bobs from side to side while firing. It’s not easy to keep it in place, and the recoil hits the gamepad each time you fire. The TTC is reduced significantly nearby, making it difficult to strike a far adversary with a shot.

The action unfolds in real-time in real time on the map around the procurement base. When you reach it midway through the game, you will be able to follow the other teams.

The maps are small, Shelters are shot and destroyed, and cars explode – the interactivity, although not perfect, is evident.

The game’s sound is excellent. If you play it with headphones, you’ll be able to quickly tell where your enemies are and which direction they are bouncing. Graphics are acceptable at best, and the gray-brown Gamma can make it hard to spot your adversaries; however, we’ll be talking seriously regarding this issue in the final version, not the alpha version. However, with the man-like posture and a perpetually furrowed brow, Soviet girl-sniper Pauline is in a desperate must do something about it. It looks very odd.

of the four characters in alpha Pauline is the most ugly

It’s not yet time to conclude Call of Duty: Vanguard. Many things will be fixed, modified, and refined before its release. In testing alpha, it was evident that the gameplay offers the feeling of a heavy, satisfying weapon and a real-time recoil. at this point, that’s all you can comment on the game.

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