Planet Zoo Review – How to Build a Zoo and Not Go Broke Review

Not long ago, Taikun Planet Zoo celebrated the second anniversary of its debut. The game saw various significant improvements and gained quite a few supporters. So, we decided to test to get our hands dirty in the challenging task of managing zoos and were pleasantly surprised by the stunning graphics, precise animals’ behavior, and an intricate economic model. We will share our thoughts on the game in our review.

  • Producer: Frontier Developments
  • Publisher: Frontier Developments
  • Date of release: November 5, 2019

Frontier Developments has a lot of experience making manager games. Since 2000 the year 2000, Frontier Developments Brits have released games of all kinds in this category, including their RollerCoaster Tycoon series of theme park simulations, to the Jurassic World Evolution line of dinosaurs park management strategies.

Planet Zoo is from the same era, and in this game, you must take over the zoo and guide it to flourishing. It’s a bit challenging but an awful amount of fun.

The game begins with a career mode that can be used to train those new to it. But, it’s also worth looking for those who have played Taikuns, firstly because of the exciting missions. Secondly, it helps explain some obscure aspects and helps them become familiar with the management of zoos.

A player who is always available to assist instructors who will assist you in learning the intricate game’s mechanics and providing the chance to try these out as soon as you are ready. The possibilities range from a panda conservation program to creating the first Arctic study park, which blends the pursuit of profit and exploration of wildlife in an icy region.

The narrative quests of Planet Zoo are few – about a dozen, but with the enjoyable gameplay within these genres, it is possible that you could play for a couple of hours on them, especially when you’re trying to finish each quest with the highest possible rating which is “three stars.” You must complete all objectives, but when you’re not feeling like it, you could achieve the minimum requirement of one star for the quest and then move to the next.

Additionally, the developers have created a variety of scenarios to help you save time. It is crucial to run the tasks and complete them as fast as possible. It is a challenge for those who wish to push their skills and skills.

If you’re at your highest, it’s time to begin building your Zoo. The game offers a “sandbox” where you can play with your imagination without constraints on budgets and eco-points. If you’re looking for an adventure, you can join the online mode franchise and attempt to meet the objectives for the group, which can shift.

In multiplayer, you can trade animals, opening up the possibility of speculation: sell more expensiveanimals, or buy less to keep track of the demand for rare products to create a supply and satisfy the demand. Market players shape the game within the game Planet Zoo, and it can lead to humorous stories, such as increasing prices for rare animals or filling the shop with less prestigious species.

It’s not easy to be the zoo’s keeper. There are many aspects to consider, including the needs of staff members and the animal population to desires of the visitors. The entire work, which includes planning parks, constructing an aviary, setting up generators, office space, buying and breeding crossbreeding animals, and many more, rests upon the shoulders of the animal caretaker.

The tools for building are so numerous that you can’t help from pondering. When using them, you have to be aware of the unique characteristics of each species of animal. For instance, the chimpanzee can quickly get over a chain link fence and run away to the wild. Bears can also get anxious if you build transparent walls. He might not appreciate the attention of a zebra’s spectator. To avoid causing anger to the beast and at the same time allow visitors to enjoy it and admire it, you can put up an opaque wall on one side; however, in this instance, there’s an issue with finances. Therefore, you must decide what you would like to do.

It’s not even the start. Each species requires its unique cover – one prefers tall grass while another prefers to sit on rocks. It is important to install drinks and feeders, build the ponds, and set up toys in the aviary for animals. In addition, connect vets and other caretakers to watch the health of the animals and tidy the area.

It’s difficult keeping track of the various demands for those who are “inhabitants” of the Zoo. It’s good to know that Planet Zoo has a thorough “zoopedia” that gives comprehensive information on each species and care guidelines. You can quickly find out what kind of food animals prefer, whether it prefers to be alone or part of the company, if it is tolerant of neighbors from different species, and the precautions to take to stop it from leaving.

Filters are another alternative. When designing and filling aviaries, it is possible to filter out objects based on a particular species and not worry about compatibility issues.

There’s plenty to do outside the aviaries as well. It’s important to draw people to them in some way – which includes paving paths, putting up info boards and loudspeakers, and even putting up baskets for donations nearby. People are thirsty and hungry, So you must construct tents, stores, and toilets.

Facilities that require power consumption require generators to cover a specific area. However, their design doesn’t look appealing to guests, and therefore you must put them in a place where they are not in the view of camping people. Additionally, you must ensure that the staff is taken care of by laying out specific paths for staff members to ensure that visitors are not in the way, constructing toilets, etc.

There are many different aspects of managing parks that are handled similarly. Planet Zoo’s interface Planet Zoo is quite cluttered with components, making it challenging to locate what you’re looking for. You must use the search feature or filter to find what you need, which takes more time. For example, the fence and the building can be put in the space: it appears that there is nothing to prevent it; however, when you attempt to put up an object, you get an error message saying that the installation can not be completed.

It’s unlikely that just two years following the game’s release, Frontier Developments will bother to make a radical change to the interface, and we’ll have to live with what we’ve got. It’s a matter of practice the essential menu items are more easily found and the variety of animal toys; they do not have to be climbed in the guides.

In addition, you will often stop for a moment – away from the game to observe the animals. The designers have paid keen attention to the behaviour of zoo animals, so Planet Zoo can be used as a tool to research the behaviors of animals from all over the world. It is fun to watch deer play with a massive ball, monkeys leaping in the multi-level simulator, and tapirs lazing in the mud can be enjoyable.

Many add-ons were launched in the Planet Zoo, with different habitats and animal species. Their geographical coverage covers virtually all of the world and spans from South America to the Arctic through South America. Exciting is the new Europe Pack DLC that features a European-style interior and a new exciting storyline, and five animal species, including those located in Russia.

It’s equally fascinating to observe visitors walk through the aviaries and watch the animals. If you click on each of them, you will discover what the visitor is dissatisfied with, what he enjoyed, and review his thoughts. If he misbehaves, contact security and take him from the zoo. The only time I did this was for a teenager known to knock trash cans over and kick info boards.

The game looks nice; however, it lacks detail in some areas. There aren’t any serious bugs. However, there are issues with collisions between objects. Visitors’ models constantly pass through one another and then fall down the steps. It’s not a problem. However, you may not be able to spot the visual bugs.

You could be stuck within Planet Zoo for a long duration. The game is addictive due to its precise gameplay, thought-provoking plan, and fun challenging. The online component is redundant, the interface demands players to study for hours yourself, and the micromanagement may be overwhelming, but in the end, the game will give you positive feelings.

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