Planet Zoo – how to earn a lot of credits during events

An extensive guide to earning you thousands of dollars while saving!

How can you earn money?

I’m not suggesting you trick the market. Be fair and avoid buying other animals in hopes of selling them at an increased price. Frontier Zoo should be the only option you have that isn’t harmful to any participant who wants to have a great time!

Find out which kind of animal is needed to be used for the event, as their prices are soaring. It would help if you waited to see Frontier Zoo sell the animals. Frontier is the company that developed Planet Zoo, and they offer the animals for sale to keep the variety of breeds available and costs down.

They generally purchase based on a “must-buy. You’re not competing against thousands of others for the same animal. After the animal has been placed in your store, sell it for the minimum cost of the animal for the occasion. You can find Planet Zoo for mobile in this article:

Planet Zoo Apk Full Mobile Version Free Download

In general, the cost could be anywhere from 3-4 times the price for Frontier animals, particularly in the case of events that require the release of the animals to the wild or re-homing them. If it is a breeding show, then the market is overcrowded, and the event’s effectiveness is not as lucrative.

The animal must be sold within a few minutes when the event is highly sought-after, and you’ll be able to be rewarded with conservation credits.

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Be aware that this guide was created during the second event, the western plains gorillas. I am not able to guarantee to make it identical for each event. There are likely to be modifications shortly.

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