Planet Zoo – how the feeding system works

Feeding can be difficult at first, so this article will explain the process.

Feeding, Food Enriched, and Water

As you can observe in the video at 8:13, the employee you hired will go in to check out the area, then leave, and head to the caretaker’s hut to cook meals (just like that research house). If one of the huts is not occupied and you don’t have the option of using it until you build another one or purchase an upgrade for the size of your building like that shown in the video. Make sure that every establishment covers your power plant.

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The following information is included in the note for the game’s release version: the game:

  • Caretakers determine the amount of food they’ll need to prepare about how many animals are roaming around the park. They will then decide to fill feeders with enriched food items over the traditional food. If all the meals they cook are put into the food enriched feeders, and the standard feeders are filled, they will remain empty!
  • There have been many improvements implemented to improve the behavior of caregivers – they could become tired and not be able to perform their tasks if not well-rested. Ensure that you allow them to have a break at times within the Staff Center.

Caretakers also can only carry a specific amount of food to one species at a time.

Alongside a water tank or the water pump, every lake in the park is also a water source. Make sure that the water filter covers an ample space to increase water quality.

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