Planet Zoo – barriers, staff and guest guide

With these suggestions using these tips, you can create pathways around your habitat quicker and more attractive with greater efficacy.

A curving path is created around a barrier.

Click an icon for gears, then select “Bound Around Barriers,” alter the length to make sharper turn, and then you’re ready! If you’re interested in building routes that avoid obstacles as much as you can choose the gear icon and then disable this option “Ground Boundary” option.

After you’ve finished reading this article, you can go ahead and test Planet Zoo for Android version accessible on our web site.

Guest path and staff path for guests and staff

Staff path to separate the rooms

There are three kinds of paths that you can select among (left right side, when you click the menu of paths) Choose and design a path for staff so that guests aren’t walking on it, making it simpler to construct rooms for staff away from the guest’s path and not affecting their satisfaction.

Guest walkways for walks in the habitat

If you have guest gates that are installed at the entrance it is possible to create an area for guests to stroll through the enclosure and become acquainted with the animals more intimately and increase their chance of having a good time (other than placing food items near the fence and glass). Be cautious that visitors will feel secure being around animals that are safe and should check out the zoo to ensure they’re secure.

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