PHOGS review! – Two-Headed Dog Review

The fun collaborative board game PHOGS! has been released recently. It’s time to tell you in a short overview whether this game merits being given the attention it deserves.

  • Producer: Bit Loom Games
  • Publisher: Coatsink
  • Date of release: December 3, 2020

What’s the game’s focus

PHOGS! PHOGS! is a delightful puzzle game that can be played with two players (you can play it on your own) featuring two dogs joined with a belly , a kind of KotoPesus with no Cat however, it has two Dogs. The animals can crawl through the air, bark, and hold on anything they can reach. Due to their bodies, they’re unbreakable, however they get along well with each other and don’t argue.

The levels contain not only the puzzles you need to complete, but also side quests, hidden bones (which you can exchange in the store for cute hats), mini-games, and NPCs who are just waiting for a chance to pet the dogs. The missions aren’t particularly difficult, and the tranquil gameplay is perfectly integrated with the bright and vibrant visual style.

What I enjoyed about it

  • The game’s design is based on environments. Every location is brimming with specifics, exciting characters and well-hidden secrets. It’s a very enjoyable game that is a enjoyable experience to relax in to get rid of negative thoughts.
  • Local Co-op. PHOGS! is best played cooperatively with two other players on the same computer or console. Each player is in charge of their individual “part” in the character and must be careful to coordinate your actions, talk about your challenges and don’t be irritated by the failures.
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What I didn’t enjoy

  • Inertia control. Our character resembles an enormous, flexible sausage and is moving in the same manner but with a only a little inertia. Sometimes, he fails to hit the target due to this, and navigating small bridges can be a real stress.

    Is it worth taking?

    Yes, if you love cute animals and vibrant games. And if you have a friend who can play on one screen.

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