Phil Spencer Fought To Create Xbox Game Pass Even With His Employees

Over the past couple of days, Microsoft and Phil Spencer have been unable to stay off the front pages of gaming news. The Activision Blizzard acquisition has affected the gaming industry with such impact that journalists have created features and interview stories, one after the other. They typically focus on the transaction itself; however, some stories touch on other important events from the Spencer de facto criminal’s life.

For instance, a recently published article by The Wall Street Journal focuses on the professional and creative life. It contains, among other things, about how he got into Microsoft when he was an intern back in 1988. his love is playing mobile games in meetings and other such things. However, one of the most exciting details is about what is known as the Xbox Game Pass: According to Richard Irving, a former employee of Microsoft, the concept of such a service needed to be fought for.

In meetings, employees discussed with him the reasons why Game Pass would fail as an initiative; for instance, publishers would cease participation in it, or the cost could “eat the” profits. Spencer] Spencerdid not agree with these arguments. He tried to convince people that it would be effective.

I wouldn’t be too surprised. I’d be surprised if Phil has tried every new product he introduced via the service in the past year and could have something to say about every single one. Phil is a player to the point of being a nut.

Nearly five years since its announcement and launch, Xbox Game Pass has been widely regarded as one of the best projects of the last five years.


If not financially, at least in terms of image. On the 18th of January, the company declared it had announced that Game Pass had added 25 million players all over the world. The announcement, however, was a bit obscured by another big announcement that day: the announcement of a merger with

Activision Blizzard

Spencer himself, in fact, says that this deal is the most significant accomplishment for him in the course of his life.

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