Peter Molyneux Will Release A Game With Blockchain And Nft – It Looks Like He Reworked His Other Project For This

The storyteller from the industrial world Peter Molyneux has not created conventional AAA games for a long time; however, he has been experimenting using the 22cans studio. The next project that the team is working on will be a part of that too – the brand new games Molyneux is “the world’s first simulation of business using blockchain technology.”

The game is known as Legacy. You aim to transform the town of a few hundred people into a profitable business empire. Your product is designed by you and impacts every worker, factory or road, landscape, and home. Your choices affect the performance of your business and the happiness of your residents and the success of your city.

You might have seen Legacy in the past, when it was shown in February 2019. However, there was no talk of blockchain technology.

The present version of Legacy can be closely connected the blockchain tech:

  • The game is based upon competition in the market with other players. They sell their own products in the market.
  • To begin the game, it is necessary to purchase land. Your plot is called NFT. After you have acquired this land, can invite your friends to join you,
  • LegacyCoin is an cryptocurrency that is based on Ethereum. It is earned through games that have competitive events or, for instance by offering the NFT products to fellow players.

Legacy is scheduled 2022, but it;s possible&to&be&online the game. Prices won’t tell you the truth – they’re listed on the cryptocurrency website GALA and are not disclosed to those who aren’t familiar with them.

The amount of “land” in Legacy is limited . The first batch was created on a map of London. According to the stores for the game, it was around 55,000 plots with varying quality (and worth) in all. As of the writing of this article, all plots were labeled “Sold out,” and, according to the store of the game, their price will come from the economy when one chooses to dispose of the plot as a “land.”

This is the way Legacy is in the present.

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