Persona 5 Strikers Test

JRPG joins musou

Musou games such as Dynasty Warriors and co. are famous for their speedy battles with hundreds of opponents. The narrative and story are often lost in the game. It’s no wonder that many Persona gamers were confused when the merger of both genres was revealed. Even the demo, which was only available in Japan, did not entirely remove the doubts. After having conducted tests on Persona 5 Strikers extensively, it’s evident that there’s no reason to be concerned.

Most of the gameplay elements of Persona 5 have been retained, giving you a feeling that comes with the first few minutes. The player is once more in the character of the phantom-thief Joker, who is planning an excursion with his fellow players. But the trip doesn’t go as planned, and, just a few moments later, the group finds themselves again in the meta-universe fighting against the corruption spread across Japan.

The story is directly connected to Persona 5 (not Royal); however, it can be played independently. All of the background information is explained by the clique and presents it to new member Sophia. Sophia only exists in real life through an app that Joker has installed on his phone; however, in the world of meta-universe, she could take on a human body and give her enemies a chance to win as an esoteric thief. There’s another new character you’ll need to investigate the details yourself.

Mutton pressing within a Persona game?

The battles you fight in Persona 5 are turn-based; in Strikers,, you’ll battle Musou-like in real-time through the hundreds of enemies you meet in the Dungeons. However, you shouldn’t be running in blind pursuit of every enemy: Phantom Thieves can use their surroundings to attack enemies from the rooftops, ambush them, or even use objects in the vicinity as weapons. Exploding vehicles are only the start!

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Although you’ll get a good advantage on smaller enemies with buttons, you’ll never be able to beat larger opponents. That’s where your character is in play. As in the previous game, each character has their guardian spirit, which can be summoned by pressing a button. If you press this button, the game is halted for time to take a breather, sit back, and contemplate. It’s also necessary due to the numerous explosions, and many enemies do not contribute to straightforward fighting.

Like Persona 5, each enemy has its own weaknesses, which you must identify and target using your Persona’s diverse abilities. Although each Phantom Thief is the same Persona, Joker, as in the original game, can be a master over multiple Personas by combining them and enhancing their abilities. So, you’ll be able to adapt to the most varied circumstances in the most efficient manner.

The latest trailer from Persona 5 Strikers introduces you to the unique capabilities of Phantom Thieves. Phantom Thieves.

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