Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous DLC Review – From Heaven to Earth Review

The second installment of the Pathfinder series continues to expand and provide new content following an impressive launch. In addition, two full-fledged DLCs for stories, “Inevitable Consequences” and “Steps on Ashes,” were released in the spring of 2022 after a short hiatus. In this review, we share our thoughts on the new additions to one of the most popular RPGs of the past few years.

  • Producer: Owlcat Games
  • Publisher: META Publishing
  • The release date is 3. March, 2022 (“Inevitable Consequences”) 21 April 2022 (“Steps in Ashes)

In the initial DLC that was released, titled “The Inescapable Consequences,” as the Knight-Commander from the Fifth Crusade, we must take on the challenge from the entity responsible for the balance of the world to safeguard the nature of the universe in the very midst of the Line before fighting Arilu Vorlash.

You can choose to take your primary character from the story in about eight hours or design a completely new character. In the second case, the game lets you progress to the maximum level possible (20th standard level or the 10th legendary level) and assists from the same refined and outfitted with the most stylish outfits you can find.

There’s no need to pump in this case – since there’s no need for it anymore. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s getting any less challenging to play. Even on “normal” difficulty, battles against players who haven’t thought through their strategies can result in a crushing defeat. There’s a lot to consider – even reading the description of effects and capabilities can be enough to fill a huge volume.

Try this book on old dragons, powerful demons, and non-friendly creatures, creating a true explosion of magic effects, along with its “flying through” description and destruction statistics. It is sometimes impossible to see all the chaos on the screen, which is why you’ll have to play “by using the gauges” and poke the needed spells on the faces of your comrades in arms and tiny silhouettes of your enemies.
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The reason behind this whole thing is pure storytelling – the pumping is at the top of the range with the tools we have is top-quality – however, it’s plenty. Owlcat’s scriptwriters have once more proven their expertise, and despite the vast number of heroic “fantasy of the powerful” clichés, they managed to write an engaging and enjoyable story. They also didn’t ignore the text-based quests.

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