Patch 1.02 For Elden Ring Eliminate Frame Rate Slippage And Improve Stability

FromSoftware is out with the patch 1.02 to Elden Ring. The team is focused on addressing problems with performance and increasing its stability. To clarify, currently this patch is only available to press copies.

Before you launch the game, the studio requires you to ensure the Elden Ring is up-to-date. Following this patch is completed, the lower right area of the main menu will show Versions 1.02 and 1.02.1. The developers also pointed out that Elden Ring will support ray tracing. However, this will be available after release. The team will inform you precisely when the technology will be available on Interland in the future.

What was changed in the update:

  • New controls.
  • Edit text and fix related bugs in certain languages.
  • Music was updated and added to background.
  • Modifies balance and event NPCs.
  • Framerate slippage in certain circumstances is now corrected under certain conditions.
  • A bug was discovered that stops an Xbox wireless headset from functioning correctly.

The Elden Ring release on PC, PlayStation and Xbox is scheduled for February 25th . Find the exact launch date in this post. We already have a preview of the new FromSoftware creation . Vasily Galperov has rated it as “Amazing”.

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