Parappa, the failure

Twenty years after, Parappa The Rapper has been granted an updated version for PS4. There’s no doubt that nostalgia will also be gone, and certain memories are brought back. For those who aren’t familiar with the legend Parappa The Rapper , you are a dog who raps hoping to win the love of Sunny Funny, a sunflower that he’s in secret love with. He will be faced with his adversary Joe Chin in a Rap fight. The game lets you follow Parappa through his day-to-day activities, from karate lessons to taking the driver’s exam, and includes an array of musically-themed stages in which you have to tap your controller’s buttons in a rhythm. There is no new mode or level The game comes basic in its content.


Then is the action. The introduction video launches into the most blurred and pixelated blur. It will be the same for all the video games which do not appear to be entitled to the HD versions. Of course, this isn’t the most crucial, or even the stages will get some sort of a makeover, but a little bit of effort on the video would have been appreciated. The rest, we’ll still enjoy the game’s visual flair with its two-dimensional characters, each more enjoyable than the next and its vibrant atmosphere! A special mention goes to Chop Chop Master Onion Karate Master Chop Chop Master Onion, who, likes his name, can be described as an onion.

The game was initially challenging players who have played the first version of the game will recall that the game featured a “matching” issue, and you don’t have to be pressing at the precise time shown in the game’s screen. Once you’ve found your perfect pattern, it won’t take time to finish the six levels available and finish the game.


“I have to believe!” It is the lyrics in French the famous lyrics that remain in your mind for many hours after you’ve played the game. We would have loved to believe that this was a remastered version. Because even if the graphics have deteriorated horribly and are not as good as they used to be, the same can’t be said for the game’s music. While our protagonist is a rapper , the music that mixes styles which range between Reggae to R’n’B are sure to please everyone or at least. They’re catchy, and you’ll be singing them quite quickly.

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