Overwatch Is Changing The Event Schedule For The First Time Instead Of The Usual Events There Will Be A Series Of Remixes

Overwatch has enjoyed a regular schedule of events over its existence. It’s July and August, summer Games, October Halloween Horrors and December Winter’s Tale, and the January Lunar New Year, April Archives May Anniversary. This hasn’t altered since 2016, but this year, the swamp of events is about to explode (just not to take it too seriously).

Blizzard has announced that it will be launching a series of “Anniversary” remixes to replace events that are coming up. The new features include:

  • In remixes , you can find the entire event skins and also new white versions of the legendary skins.
  • Mini-events in the past where you were required to earn some number of points over a period of time to earn unique skins and other “cosmetics” are scheduled to be conducted again.
  • If the event before it were focused on a specific theme, The remixes would combine the events. For instance, in the next remix, you could play Archives and snowballs, lucioball, and in May.
  • The remixes will be divided into three sections. They’ll be held instead of the three regular events “Archives”, “Anniversary” and “Summer Games”. According to reports, each remix will run for three weeks.
Teaser from the very first mix.

Blizzard insists on the importance of remixes; they are a great opportunity to revisit skins that you haven’t used for any reason and get new versions of your most-loved appearances. All the items you receive from events will be incorporated in Overwatch 2..

The first of three remixes scheduled to be released on the 5th of April. Remember this Overwatch 2. is also a bit further the PvP closed beta testing that begins at the end of this month.

White skins that resemble familiar ones.

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