Overview of The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos – Hercule Poirot in Space Review

The last DLC in the action-based role-playing game The Outer Worlds allows you to participate in an actual investigation, including the suspect and the victim, along with gunfights, clues, and more. We’re curious about what else we can expect to play in Murder on Eridanos – read the review.

  • Producer: Obsidian Entertainment
  • Publisher: Private Division
  • Date of release: March 17, 2021

Obsidian Entertainment never tires of exploring new ideas. The first, The Outer Worlds, is full of humor and mockery about corporate giants. The added Peril of Gorgon delights through family drama. Murder on Eridanos offers a thriller-like setting similar to Murder on the Orient Express and provides access to the colony in hues, where the events threatening the entire city of Alcyon will take place.

The storyline of the supplement is intriguing until the final scene. The murder of the series’ or commercial celebrity Helen in Alcyon has sparked up the entire Star System, and the principal character is required to assume the role of an investigator to find out the truth about this case.

The list of suspects is quite extensive. An actor, a coworker of Elena’s on stage, is looking to snatch an expensive advertising contract. A boyfriend of a girl who has an issue with self-control and has no evidence. A local crime boss that is always in the spotlight of the authorities. The cult leader had a bad relationship with the girl who was murdered. What irritated Elena enough that he didn’t hesitate to kill her? The answer may surprise you, and the most obvious answer will be the only solution.
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Before the protagonist can get to the bottom of the matter, however, the protagonist will need to traverse the vast gas massive Eridanus islands that hang across the skies. Amid a sea of color and luxury, here’s where the dark business begins: collect evidence, interview witnesses and confront fierce rivals, get the help of your friends and, in the end, like a true detective, assemble all the facts and bring for charges!

The Inspector is supported through the Discrepancy Amplifier, a sophisticated device that can detect suspicious regions, analyze the situation, and provide guidance. It can also be used to create a weapon similar to Skippy in Cyberpunk 2077 but much less irritating.

Interview with Obsidian Entertainment

I was impressed by the basic storyline that was The Murder of Eridanos. The writers were able to make the story going and surprise us with the unexpected twists and a few turns without the typical The Outer Worlds humor and conventional critique of capitalism.

The additional quests did not make an impression. There are some interesting stories to be told but not enough of them as I’d like, and for the most portion, the quests amount to fighting local animals or bandits as well as the colony’s insane inhabitants. However, the side missions let you get lost in action, something that the main scenario doesn’t offer.

The developers have increased the level cap and also added some new weaknesses. New enemies have been added, and several brand new “guns” can be found on Eridanus. Don’t wait to see something new in the fights; however, they’re not dull: when creatures spit acid and kamikazes try to reach them and then explode, you must be able to move quickly and control the battleground across every direction. The primary boss fight begins with one of the hilarious scenes of the game!

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The last chapter of The Outer Worlds was a blast and thrilling. The murder of Eridanos is a great reason to go back to Alkion to experience the thrill of a tough detective and snap some dozen pictures of the gorgeous landscape. The only sad thing is that the story is finished, and the time will be short if there is another game in the series.

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