Overview of Stronghold Warlords – Impostor on the Throne Review

One of the longest-running game series in real-time, Stronghold, has a long-awaited sequel. It’s the ideal moment to see whether it will be a hit with gamers who are virtual strategists.

  • Producer: FireFly Studios
  • Publisher: FireFly Studios
  • Author: March 9, 2021

The Stronghold series is always distinct from other RTSs. It did this by an innovative combination of independently created combat and economic components that make one game two different games.

The Stronghold series is always distinct from other RTSs.

It was not the complete economic chain from the ANNO series or the tactical structures that were the basis of Total War. However, the gameplay was different from the straightforward idea in Age of Empires in the direction of a certain degree of depth.

FireFly Studios has been the creator of one masterpiece and the keeper of the success of the original two-dimensional games of the series. No matter how many games they released later on, they failed to recreate the same early 90s style and earn the players’ respect.

Now is the time for another go-around in the shape of Warlords that has been developed for quite a while.

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East is an incredibly delicate issue

One of the most obvious advantages of Stronghold: Warlords is the setting selected by the developers. In the past, this period of the Middle Ages was mostly associated with Europe or the Crusades.

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However, the two games, Total War: Three Kingdoms and the protagonist of our latest review, can allow players to look at more than Japan in Shogun: Total War. A variety of significant events in Asia are what the creators of the brand new Stronghold try to convey in their new Stronghold.

Music in Stronghold Warlords: The Battle of the Sword is not very memorable. However, the Russian-language voice of the units can quite make you smile. It’s certainly not an everyday occasion in RTSs.

To summarize the debate regarding the visual aspect, we can declare that it’s delighted with images of terrain and buildings close to rivers. However, it wouldn’t be untrue to say that the picture is unfavorable. It’s just dated and doesn’t fit the date of release.


Stronghold: Warlord is a dual experience. While playing it, you’ll feel an innate desire to laud it, to feel the emotions of the past, or simply to experience the game of the great old RTS.

You’ll never have sufficient of this.

But the more time you spend playing, the more it is prone to fall into pieces due to its roughness and bizarre choices. This is why it often makes you want to inquire about the question, “How did it get evaluated?”

What did it test?

The game isn’t positioned to bring back interest to the strategy genre or even introduce new players to the genre. But, if you’re seeking a fun and easy way to reminisce about how you spent hundreds of hours playing RTSs, then Stronghold Warlords won’t be the best option.

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Expert strategists are likely to be bored with this. They will also reconsider the amount they paid for the game at a low discount.

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