Overview of Space Raiders in Space – Feel like a comic book hero Review

Space Raiders in Space It’s the result of mixing a tower defense game and roguelike that features comic book-like graphics, as well as combat with groovy monsters.

  • Creator: 2 Stupid Devs
  • Publisher: Destructive Creations
  • Date of release: December 8, 2020

Fun, stylish innovative, and funny are the terms used for Space Raiders from Space that is a blend with “roguelike” as well as “tower defense.” We’d say that an overview of just one sentence won’t appeal to anyone So, sit down and let us explain what Space Raiders in Space are all about and why you should be a part of the group.

Two idiot developers

Since the very beginning of the game, the game starts to reveal the cards. We’re welcomed by an animated splash screen from the team that developed the game with the humorous name 2 Stupid Devs, and actually, two guys will join us as we play, giving us hints and laughing when the opportunity occurs.

We also did not find any critical bugs such as bugs, bugs, or any other issues that were crucial to the gameplay of the game. It’s evident that the developers did an excellent job in early access.


It’s an enjoyable game that is based on big decisions made by the creators. This isn’t a “masterpiece,” but fans of comic book-inspired art and who are a fan of the genres discussed in this review are sure to keep themselves entertained for a few evenings and this space-based adventure will leave an impression of satisfaction.

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