Overview of Observer System Redux Review

We made use of Observer System Redux to observe the re-release of the game on the Xbox Series X platform. This review will will discuss the significant improvements made for the cyberpunk-themed horror Bloober Team and their impact on the gameplay.

  • Producer: Bloober Team, Anshar Studios
  • Author:Bloober Team SA
  • Date of release:November 10, 2020

In the event that Johnny Silverhand, played by Keanu Reeves is the latest incarnation in the world of cyberpunk Roy Batty’s visage is retrovawe. In reality, my primary literary sources for the sci-fi dystopia world were written by Philip Kindred Dick, and the cinematography consolidated my connection with Blade Runner which was which is based on some of his best-known and well-known novels.

It was a joy to see and hear Rutger Hauer’s voice in this interconnected and tangled world, even as the main character was an absolute treat for me. I was unable to play the original version of Observer and after I regained my senses the developers announced a new release. It was certainly worth the wait and I’ll explain why in this piece.

Content Show
  • 1Universe
  • 2Atmosphere
  • 3New quests.
  • 4New mechanics
  • 5Graphic modifications
  • 6Disadvantages



The first thing to note is that Observer is a product of the most charming concepts that are part of this genre. It rips away the glittering models of technological progress and exposes a frenzied array of gruesome and ugly outcomes. The game’s relatively small world is filled with a myriad of analogies, allusions and dystopian scenarios for the foreseeable future.

The character you play, Daniel Lazarski, an older law enforcement officer, with an augmentation for neurodemonstration, is likely to become isolated with the inhabitants of an apartment in the slums not-too-distant future Krakow. The policeman attempts to find his son and discovers the bloody footprints of a trail, indicating that the perpetrator is still in the apartment.

While conducting his investigation and investigation, the officer tries to locate his son and stumbles upon bloody trails that indicate that the murderer is still inside the same building. Atmosphere

I won’t get deep into the plot details of Observer because some players know them from the original version of the project and for others, it will be the primary reason for introducing players in the world of the game. It’s important to note that Bloober Team’s work is infused with a sense of anxiety, however this particular game left an especially painful impression on my head.

I’d like to emphasize that the Bloober Team’s work is infused with a sense of anxiety and existential fear, but this particular work stuck in my head in particular.

Every one of their products are a visual and sound performance that focuses that stimulate all the senses simultaneously. In my opinion, with Observer the designers have reached the peak of their expertise. The method of play has remained similar, however, unlike before there were scary scrimmers and the like the players, now they are dependent on the environment and their surroundings.

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The spooky hallways of an old, damaged house are sprayed with noises and compositions which call out loneliness and degeneration. Each person being interrogated, each new scene is gradually forming the foundation of tension and an obsessional sensation that something is sneaking in behind us each step. When we abruptly stop, it is possible to sometimes see the way it slowly freezes…

New quests

System Redux has added three new scenarios that make use of previously untapped building spaces. The three scenarios are integrated into the game the same way as the other sidequests and have the same the length of them from. Dan discovers the first, “Its Terrible Symmetry,” barely stepping over the threshold of a towering building. The look for a tenant that creates altars out of improvised materials in the hallways will lead the players to a surprising conclusion.

A second piece of the report, “Interrupted Signal,” will be accessed by Lazarski’s computer as part of the main investigation. To discover who is crying out for help, the officer is required to access room in the basement. The last task, “Apple of the Apple Tree” will be added to the list of tasks for the observer following visiting the tattoo salon.

The final task, “Apple of the Apple,” will add to the list of cases for the observer.

The story’s plot could be the basis for the basis for a series of mini-series that fall within the genre of social science fiction. Which one is more successful depends on your own perception. But one thing is certain that the new content is certainly relevant and fascinating. Unfortunately, there are just three scripts.

New mechanics

The developers claimed that they’ve altered the mechanism of stealth and electronic lock picking and door interfacing a little. These two features are actually much more user-friendly. In the case of those who play the “hide-and-seek” game is still a significant increase in the level of stress. However, I view it as an inevitable evil, just like it is a dose of adrenaline that is well-dosed.

Dan’s computer is now keeping the entire list of nanophage patient card you have collected during the game. It also shows a significant growth in number of checkpoints and at the time you leave the game, the system informs you of the time since your last entry in progress was made.

The computer is now keeping records of all nanophage patient card you have collected in the process of playing.

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The look of the characters as well as their animations have gone through major changes and appear significantly better. Concierge Janus not just has a new look however, his workspace is also changed. The model that was created for the former soldier is more contemporary.

Graphical changes

The most significant advantage for Redux is that the main benefit of Redux is the new Observer images, and the fans are divided on the subject because I’ve been able to observe. After a thorough study of gameplay footage from the older Version of the game I chose to join the advocates of the latest innovations.

Primarily due to the fact that the retexture enriched the surroundings by providing the necessary concreteness to make the most of 4K. The change in the color scheme is, to my mind, was done to meet practical needs. The image appeared more convincing and the HDR included really enhanced that impression.

Massive improvements include the improvement of haze, steam, as well as dust-like effects. The most noticeable feature of the newly updated Observer is the new lighting. The lighting determines the overall mood of shots, guides the eyes of the player and highlights the specifics of the levels. Bloober Team really outdid themselves in this regard.


I was astonished to discover a minor missing localization on one of the latest quests. This is a computer which will be used to finish this Intermittent Signal quest. Players must perform various manipulations on it, based on the data stored on the hard drives. There’s a lot of text. Those who aren’t familiar with English might have a difficult time.

Perhaps the most troublesome issue is that when you enable 4K on Xbox Series X, the frame rate will begin to decrease to below 30 FPS when you are in the claimed 60. This is a very annoying issue that could make a mess of gamers who own consoles that are the latest generation. Additionally, there is no support for ray-tracing within this XSX edition for the game.

The new version certainly has done Observer System Redux some good. The developers tidied up imperfections that were present in the game. enhanced the immersion experience by introducing better graphics, and added brand new experiences to the world. However, I have a few questions regarding the game’s optimization.

In any event I think the Observer System Redux re-release was excellent.

If you haven’t tried this game in the past and own the latest console, I can’t see a need to buy this game in 2017 to gain comfort.

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