Override 2 Super Mech League Review – Sluggish Fighting Robot Scramble Review

We’ve had a couple of matches in the game of fighting Override 2: Super Mech League and are now ready to share our experiences with this controversial game.

  • Producer: Modus Studios Brazil
  • Publisher: Modus Games
  • Author: December 22, 2020

What’s the game’s focus

Battle of combat robots, of course! Iron giants fight each other without sacrificing the surrounding scenery. Skyscrapers, factories, and arenas fall under the force of unstoppable force, while robots utilize improvised items and super strikes to cause more destruction. It sounds like the most effective fighting game ever created. However, there are some nuances.

What I enjoyed about it

  • A wide range of different robot models. There are a lot of models, and they’re all very distinct in appearance, from a mech looking like something from a cartoon or a mechanical fish to an enormous retro computer and an upright unicorn. But, like it’s supposed to be, they all have a variety of moves that can be combined into simple combinations such as an Ulta, an Ulta, or the most basic activities such as blocks and dodge.
  • Picture. It’s pretty simple overall but attractive. Arenas are where items can be destroyed, and ultimates come with a nice assortment of effects.

What’s not to love?

  • Battle system. Inexpensive and dragging, the system does not permit players to control their character down to the smallest moves. Robots swing and punch slowly, extremely slow to get up after falling, so fights quickly become monotonous.
  • Is. Computer adversaries don’t even attempt to be victorious. They’re easily beaten by spammers, making an already boring game more boring. Do not count on online battles. The lobby is empty, and you have to sit and wait for your adversaries to appear online incessantly.
  • Modes. After the successful Override: Mech City Brawl that could be played with a game that has four players controlling one machine, this sequel could only offer mediocre creative sports leagues, where the player can discover the possibility of customizing the Mech. It’s like taking an inversion as well. Override 2: Super Mech League is a much weaker game than the original.
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Are they worth it?

Yes or no. The fascinating idea of massive robot battles isn’t enough to save the game’s weak gameplay. And aside from that, there aren’t opponents in network-based contests. Maybe the developers will put the concepts in the forefront in a third installment; however, the third installment in the Override series, unfortunately, isn’t worthy of your attention.

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