Outriders Review – Cheap Hodgepodge Review

The long-running creation of shooter Outriders is now complete. It’s available for PC as well as consoles. If it’s worthy of your time or better off avoiding the game, discover in our review.

  • Producer: People Can Fly
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Date of release: April 1, 2021

Is there a major publisher that would consider Looter Shooter? That’s apparently what the gaming industry is currently. Ubisoft is the publisher of The Division, Take-Two has the Borderlands series, Electronic Arts tried to make it work with Anthem as well Square Enix recently bet on Marvel’s Avengers.

The problem is that Avengers was not helped by the big name brand and a well-established studio or even a large budget. The game was unable to draw an audience , and then went under the radar.

However, Square Enix didn’t give up and decided to give it another go. In reality, a few years earlier , the publisher opted to take money for the game, which is a multiplayer shooter developed by the famous Polish production company People Can Fly. The development took a long time, and the release was delayed several times, but eventually it was finally released. The journey starts!

Cosmic Golodrants

The thing that is interesting is that, despite the genre that the story is a major part of Outriders in an effort to convince the player it’s fascinating. What’s the story’s theme? It is the story of those who have lost their home planet , to the new world , which promises to be their new home and paradise.

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As is typically the case in stories such as this, it’s clear that things did not go as planned. After arriving, all sorts of trouble are discovered on the planet, including a dangerous anomaly, dangerous mutants bandits and marauders. In reality, only the anomaly is the first to be discovered is discovered, while everything else happens due to its impact to the people who live there.

The game is a great motivator.

The game can also inspire players to experiment with new ideas because changing perk points is free and doesn’t come with any penalty. Therefore, you can alter your character prior to each new fight.

The concept of equipping is quite commonplace in the majority of modern games. There are different types of items with different benefits and traits, and they are the standard hues of rareness, craft and advancement.

There’s no PvP on the table in any form Its presentation isn’t scheduled. Endgame content is comparable mission similar to the main campaign but a bit more complex and with more monsters. There are no unique raids scheduled.


Outriders will work hard to please you, and might even be successful. But the technical implementation along with the fact the sport doesn’t have a method of determining exactly what it is it wants to achieve could hinder this.

Gears of War, Mass Effect, Destiny, Warframe, The Division, and numerous other games have been supporters of great ideas, which are now seen in Outriders. The problem was that this project did not have either the funds or the determination to implement and refine these ideas.

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The Outriders

It’s fun to play with the combat system, taking part in fascinating classes or simply the general dynamic of the action. You can also have fun with your other players who can join you on various platforms with cross-play. However, you’ll feel like the shooter appears to be the raw idea of something larger and more refined.

Of course, it’s possible to ask why this game set new the sales record on Steam? It’s simple because it was released in a time where there’s virtually no competition in the way of major releases. But that doesn’t change the flaws of Outriders even a bit that separate it from the description of a top-quality game.

It’s certainly a game with a lot of good quality.

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