Outriders guide on how to get a legendary weapon

With the release of Outriders, We now have access to an array of the best weapons and futuristic weapons. If you’re looking for the most amazing curiosities about Enoch, then you’ll need to look for the legendary weapons.

Legendary weapons found in Outriders are potent and, often, not just because of their massive power of the weapon and the distinctive effects that are superior to other firearms. The most appealing thing is that if you come across an out-of-the-ordinary weapon, you can take it apart and put its modification into any firearm you own.

This is particularly useful because some famous weapons are more for certain styles of play of various Outrider classes. If you do happen to find an outrider weapon that isn’t the right fit for you, it’s still possible to utilize it.


  • 1 Where can I find legendary weapons
  • 2 Captains and Bosses
  • 3 World-level
  • 4 How can you obtain legendary weapons
    • 4. 1 “Unsure Land” as well as other quests
    • 4.2 “Reunion” as well as the episode selection
  • 5 Game is worth the candle

Where can you find legendary weapons?

Although the game provides numerous opportunities to increase your chances of winning, acquiring the most coveted weapon relies heavily on luck. At one point the best way to find a legendary weapon was to look for storage containers that were hidden around the game’s vast world. However, during the demo phase the game’s developers deemed them vulnerable to the machinations of players and drastically reduced the likelihood of finding items that were high-level within these containers.

Two key factors affect the chance of spotting legendary treasure:

  • The kind of enemy you face
  • World-wide

Captains and bosses

Let’s begin by stating that even normal mobs you takedown by hundreds in Outriders’ levels may leave behind loot. But, as you’ve realized by now that the more powerful an enemy is, the greater the likelihood that rarer and even legendary pieces of equipment will drop from it. So, after you’ve killed mini-bosses as well as main story bosses, the chances of obtaining the most valuable loot are at their highest.

In the beginning Outriders locations, the mini-bosses were represented by Captains. One of them appears in the primary story, Reunion, and another that is found in the side quest, Unsettled Land, at the end of the region in the demo. However, as you progress through, you’ll find that the Captain appears in nearly every side quest.

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If you destroy these enemies, it will increase the chances of obtaining the legendary weapon. The protagonist of this optional Payback quest, called the Rayner, is technically a Captain. However, loot drops are not often from his abode. To maximize your chances of finding a legendary weapon, it is necessary to complete the extra quests.


Additionally, as you advance through Outriders and Outriders 2, you will notice that the World Level bar at the top of the screen will begin to fill up. When it is complete, it will allow you to advance into the next more challenging World Level, including more game-related bonuses if you are playing on the 5th World Level (in the demo, it was the highest) and above, your possibility of getting the legendary weapon increases.

In the beginning stages of the game, the rise in levels of the World Level will be smooth enough; in the future, things will get more challenging. This is because this World Level also determines the level of difficulty, and at level 7, it will be at stations at the “master” stage. It is essential to strike an equilibrium between problems and the likelihood that legendary objects will fall.

How can you obtain legendary weapons?

You’ve learned to play to your maximum difficulty and know that you need to take down bosses and captains – but what can you do to set up the process to be more consistent? We’re able to suggest a few methods.

“Unsure The Land” and other missions

The more efficient option is to do the same task every time. The primary mission that begins the game is titled “Unsettled The Land” and begins after completing”Reunion,” the “Reunification” narrative mission. After the completion of “Reunion,” you must make contact with Jakub near the entrance to the city. The demonstration ended here. If you return to Shira and she’ll give you an additional task to track down the missing Lieutenant McCain.

Complete the mission, then go to the intersection, then go to the left. Jump over the gap to eliminate the enemies that are in the region. Continue to clear the first waves of enemies. The Captain will appear, and after defeating him, you stand an opportunity to obtain the legendary weapon. The is a quest that can be completed an endless number of times. So, try until you’re successful. As we said, it is possible to achieve this in any side task.

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“Reunion” and the episode’s selection

However, there is a faster method of evading the checkpoint within the narrative mission. In the demonstration video above, at the start of the Reunion mission, you’ll be asked to “make an effort to reach the Solar Tower.” Once you leave the city, you’ll have to battle a group of soldiers and clear the debris to reach the Crossroads. When you get the Crossroads road, you will come across another group of opponents, and defeating them will give you the keys to progress.

When you open the door with the key, turn across the street to your left then the captain will appear from behind the pillar. Take him down as fast as you can for a chance at finding the legendary loot, and then let the opponents die. If you return to the final checkpoint, you’ll be at the front of the entrance yet again. When you cross the street, you will see Captain Jones again, with a second chance to obtain the desired cannon.

If you do this procedure over and over again, eventually, you’ll be able to obtain that legendary gun. If you’ve already reached that point and want to return back to it by choosing an episode in the lobby. If you’re looking for a more fair method, you can pick an episode in which you will have to fight the story’s bosses, such as Gauss.

This game will be worth your candle

As we mentioned, the legendary weapons of Outriders are very effective. In fact, they are so powerful that the famous Torment and Agony pistol easily surpasses the lighter, less powerful weapons. Therefore, despite all the grinds, this is well worth it. Of course, in comparison to the prototype, a few guns have been reduced in size. However, they’re still worthy of work.

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