Outriders guide on how to enable crossplay

Outriders lets you play with your friends regardless of their platform however, by default, this feature of crossplay is turned off.

One of the most exciting attributes of Outriders is its full crossplay. This means that you can play with friends playing on various consoles. This was not possible a while ago but has become increasingly commonplace in recent times.

However, as amazing as it was, there was a fair degree of confusion surrounding the inclusion of crossplay into the game, especially when you consider how difficult the process was when it was a free demo. Unfortunately, nothing has changed since then. However, anyone who has played the demo can figure it out.

In Outriders After completing an introduction, the players will explore the story and discover the world with each other. There are various ways to play with your friends or play with random players in the City-in-the-Gorge. Crossplay lets you play outside of the console’s boundaries. PlayStation owners can play Xbox players and vice in reverse. It’s the same with the PC. However, some problems come with it.

Crossplay Settings

One thing to bear in mind is that, as was mentioned in the beginning, the default crossplay feature is turned off in Outriders. In other games, this ensures that console gamers don’t need to compete with PC gamers if they want to.

Some users disable crossplay to prevent playing with cheaters, while certain players think that PC gaming using mice and keyboards is an unfair advantage over the gamepad. Players must first turn on crossplay within the settings to play with friends on other platforms.

It’s very simple. When you’re playing, press Start to navigate to the Pause menu, where you can look at the help materials, switch the world level, and return to your lobby (on consoles, you must start the game). Look for “Settings” there The first tab will be your gaming settings.

There are numerous options, but for the moment we’ll focus on Turning on Crossplay that is found on the bottom in the main menu. Select it and switch the switch to on. It’s important to note that crossplay is a test feature.

As for Outriders, it’s not all as seamless as people would like. To play with your friends across other systems, simply press the “Play with Friends” button in the lobby or the dedicated terminal inside the game. You will see your crossplay codes section located in the lower-left corner. To allow players from other countries to join your community, create your game code and give it to them.

Select “Connect with Code” to connect to a different world for yourself. Be aware that this feature is in beta, and players may encounter bugs, with the most notable being when you are playing with other players on their PC. This is recognized by the game’s developers and was reported upon the game’s launch.

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