Outriders guide on how to change the world level

The level of the world within Outriders determines the level of difficulty in the game. Combating effectively and defeating enemies raises the level of play. If you die, it increases your world level. dying; on the other hand, the level decreases. With each kill, you earn peace level points. Your enemies will be more challenging. However, the trophies will be more impressive.

The principle behind it is known to everyone, and therefore we’ll examine several lesser-known elements related to world-levels. In many games – The Division 2, for instance – they aren’t accessible for play until the campaign is finished. In Outriders, the world level is an integral element right from the start. You can easily alter the game’s difficulty by switching (or unlocking) various levels. Now a little more detail.

How do world levels function

The world level is your level of difficulty. The range is from one up to 15, and every new level is opened with experience points to kill enemies. If you die, you lose world level points. The higher your world-level is, the more the loot you can get from your enemies. And every enemy has the chance to leave a renowned weapon when you pass away.

As you progress through to the next level of the game, the challenge increases significantly. At the five level, performing tasks on your own isn’t easy. You can switch world levels anytime to ensure you’re playing at a comfortable level.

To change the level of the world, you must visit the Task Map and press the crossbar to the left (if you’re using an electronic gamepad) or simply look at the lower left area and hit the appropriate key. You can also alter the level of the world from the Pause menu.

The default world level is increased with time as you gain experience. So, if you’re having problems with a boss, you may lower the world level to make the fight more straightforward. The higher the story of the world is, the more damage enemies cause for the players. Classes such as the Pyromancer, who are more comfortable fighting in medium-ranges, may encounter serious issues. Before you alter the level of play, you need to take into consideration a few specifics of how the system functions:

  • Don’t leave tasks unfinished if you upgrade your world level. When you reduce the levels of your world, the reward for completing the task will remain the lowest among the levels set. Even if your quest has been completed, it is only necessary to document it.
  • If you alter your world’s level, your rewards alter for the worst. If you increase the world’s level during the quest, you’ll not receive a higher reward.
  • The only way a world level increases and reward increases is to increase it naturally through earning experience during the mission. If not, you’ll need to raise the world’s level before the mission to ensure more rewards.

In all likelihood, should you be looking for Legendary loot, you’ll be required to keep your highest achievable world level. The lower this level, the fewer chances of finding loot. The demo showed players searched for Captains in level 5 of the world for the small chance of obtaining Legendary loot. Now we have another 10 levels to go – chances are higher.

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