Outer Wilds + Echoes of the Eye Review

The launch of the first and only addition-on to The adventure title Outer Wilds is an excellent reason to reminisce and talk about this tiny masterpiece. We’ve thoroughly explored the small universe that’s stuck in a loop of time and are now eager to share our experiences in the space travel experience with our full review.

  • Producer: Mobius Digital
  • Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
  • Date of release: May 28, 2019 or September 28 2021

Within Outer Wilds, you are newly certified as a space traveler and a part of Outer Wilds Ventures, which explores the solar system in search of answers to the central issue of life, the universe, and everything else in unknown regions of distant planets.

Training for a short time, meeting the people of the village, and there you are already taking your seat in a spaceship that is ready to go. What happens next is up to you can decide: Outer Wilds does not require a specific style of play or give any suggestions and doesn’t direct the player. You can head straight towards the mysterious Comet circling the entire system in a massive circular arc, landing on a moon in the vicinity, or remain on the planet that has numerous secrets like the other celestial bodies.

In the solar system, we live in each planet is different. Storms plague venus that rage, Jupiter is a giant ocean of chemical elements, and (perhaps) previously living Mars is now an uninhabited desert.

The same is true in Outer Wilds: each planet greets players with new challenges, usually less than ideal ones. Two planets revolve around each otherand are so close that you could leap between them. A planet where tornadoes are in the air, hurling you into space. A planet that has a system of caves that slowly become sand-filled. There’s even a black hole you can leap into at the right time!

Even though the universe is small, you will be able to come across a variety of fascinating places. For starters, the remains of a fallen into oblivion civilisation are keen to be discovered by the current people living in the solar system. It is possible to read ancient texts and solve simple puzzles and explore difficult-to-find locations.

It’s not as much about insanity as it is to – nothing more, not less salvaging the universe. You’ve got just 22 minutes before the supernova explodes. The story begins again; however, all the previous information is still in your mind.

The key to unlocking the time loop is in the distance, somewhere between the runes carved on the walls and strange structures, but for you to discover it, you’ll need to study for hours the archives of the ancient architects. However, the log of the ship, which is blank initially, is soon transformed into something akin to an investigation board used in the detective films: one line is followed by another, and new data is mapped, and you can refer to it at any point to refresh your memories and make connections between different “clues” and devise the best course of action.

Outer Wilds is a game that creates an atmosphere that evokes an environment you’d like to explore. It’s a must to unravel our solar system’s mystery; however, it doesn’t force you to run to the solution.

Instead, you can play at your pace; you may end at any moment and, for instance, cook marshmallows over the flame, keep a fellow astronaut entertained, or just watch the gorgeous sunset with anticipation. The perpetual “zeroing” around the world isn’t a problem because the map is compact, and you can go into any location in just a few minutes, and in some areas, you’re not likely to stay for more than 10 or 15 minutes.

In 2021, the game was given its first and last story expansion. Outer Wilds is Echoes of the Eye cleverly conceals itself within the game’s base game: you can play it without revealing all the content from DLC.

However, the expansion is quite long. It opens the possibility of a brand new area to players and an entirely new story. Additionally, it includes stealthy scenes and even a hint of terror (the game warns players of this and allows players to switch off frightening scenes) resulting from being immersed in darkness and coming face to face with the horrors lurking within.

The game’s supplement was much darker than the original game. Like before, you’ll be able to utilize the Jetpack and a flashlight to get into difficult-to-reach areas and light those dark areas of areas, while a variety of new puzzles update the classic gameplay.

Outer Wilds, It’s a surprising game that has won numerous awards and glowing reviews (the project has a staggering 95% score on Steam by itself). It’s self-contained, and when combined with the other game, it is an exciting mix of surprises and mysteries that bring a variety of emotions to those who choose to discover the game. Don’t look for spoilers, don’t search for guides. Instead, simply take a deep dive into Outer Wilds with a minimum of knowledge about the game, and you’ll get that elusive sensation of discovering new things.

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