Our test of one of the most beautiful game of the year, RiME.

Initially, the game was thought to be announced as a PlayStation 4 exclusive; Rime by Tequila Works was given a chance to broaden its scope following an unsettling development. The game’s designer, Raul Rubio, made the game a part of his creativity and overcame the technical difficulties that development for a console at home can bring.

The diversity of the environments is an integral part of what makes the entire experience enjoyable. Five worlds are built around a specific thematic premise and a “running” puzzle component that adds a sense of humor. The second one is, for instance, an open desert ruled by a massive flying predator, forcing the players to race between shelters to stay away from being taken by the flying bird.

Five environments featuring distinct mechanics and atmospheres, RiME is made much newer than ever before. While at the same time, it keeps different aspects throughout the game to ensure consistency. This balance and the intuitive map of the world together is what makes RiME an impressive and powerful model from a design standpoint.

Audio remarkable

The visual aspect isn’t always all that important; however, when it comes to RiME, we are at the top of the line. It is essential to create a sound environment that has enchanting. The almost orchestral music that the game provides us is perfect for the game’s overall theme. This makes the game even more thrilling and completes immersion.

I strongly believe that, even though the game is stunningly gorgeous graphically, it will have lost all its charm without its ambiance of sound. It is imperative to play with headphones in, and your sound volume turns to its highest to get the best experience possible.


The game looks stunning, and the music is fantastic; however, there’s an issue. If you’re looking to control the gameplay, you’ll need to be patient. Utilizing a controller for gaming is more than a necessity. Sometimes, the controls become more like a puzzle than the actual game. Beware, they’re not terrible; however they can be; however, they are boring and lack precision. As a result, you will often find that you fall off the top and be forced to climb over again.

It’s also worth noting the existence of artifacts to collect during the game. This excellent idea allows the game to be more long-lasting and makes it more fluid. They are, however, hidden away in the landscape that you will not be able to notice them any more. They’ll be an unavoidable chance. After some time, you’ll end up ignoring them.

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