Optimizing Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord settings

We will aid you in getting the most value from your PC. Make sure you optimize Mount as well as Blade 2: Bannerlord for the most enjoyable gaming experience. Our suggestions will help combat freezing, lags, poor framerate, slow fps sudden spikes in latency game crashes, and sudden drops in frame rate.

The first thing to take care of is to sure that your computer meets the requirements of your system listed below. If it isn’t, that’s likely the cause of your FPS issues. We recommend that you upgrade your PC.


  • 1 Minimum system requirements
  • 2 Recommendations for system requirements
  • 3 Update the drivers for your graphics card.
  • 4 Best Mounts and Blade 2 graphic settings: Bannerlord
  • 5 NVIDIA Control Panel settings optimization
  • Optimizing 6 settings for AMD Radeon
  • 7 Optimize Windows Update
  • 8 Remove OneDrive
  • 9 Optimize Discord
  • 9 Settings to Optimize Discord
  • 10 . Optimize Google Chrome
  • 11 Power Optimization
  • 12 Power Optimization class=”toc_number toc_depth_1″>12 Switch on game mode
  • 13 SSD
  • 14 Conclusion

Minimum system requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit only)
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-8100 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200
  • Memory: 6GB
  • Video Graphics Intel UHD Graphics 630/ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB/ AMD Radeon HD 7850 with 2GB
  • Disk space: 60GB

Recommendations for the system specifications

  • Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit only)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-9600K / AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB/ AMD Radeon RX 580
  • Disk space: 60GB

If your PC is in compliance with the specifications above and if not, the guide can give you an excellent frame rate increase. Let’s begin with the easiest one

Update the drivers for your graphics card.

It’s not that difficult it’s not, but updating drivers is actually the first step as the new AMD or NVIDIA drivers will significantly boost frame rates. It’s simple and is no more difficult than updating other software.

Start your AMD Radeon Software (for AMD graphics cards) or NVIDIA GeForce Experience (for NVIDIA graphics cards) and look for updates. If you are able to download them, please download and install the updates.

Top Mount and Blade 2. Bannerlord graphic settings

Next, you need to enhance the game’s settings the game itself. This is probably the reason why you’re here So let’s begin.

Be aware that these settings are centered on high-performance. If you own a high-performance PC but don’t wish to sacrifice graphics quality for speed, you can bypass this step. However, if your computer isn’t even close to meeting those minimum requirements or requirements for your system keep an eye on it.

      1. “Run” Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord
      2. Click
        There are options in the main menu (the game isn’t localized, and therefore the name names are in English)
      3. Click to the
      4. Click to play the Video tab.
      5. The Display Mode is changed to Full Screen.

Desktop Resolution

      1. Set Resolution Scale from 100

        You can experiment with that setting, by changing it to 95 and improve the quality of and improving the quality of the. A few people have reported that this technique is quite excellent, however we haven’t tested this method. It can improve the quality of graphics. Start
        Frame Limiter that matches the default refresh rate of your monitor (for instance, 144 and 60). If the frame rates fluctuate significant amount and you don’t enjoy it, consider lowering it however, most of the time it’s fine at 60.
      2. Change the V-Sync for None
      3. Set the Sharpening Amount in 0.00
      4. Select the tab Performance
      5. Select the parameter

        Battle Size
        • 500 or more when you have a powerful video card and processor
        • 200-250 for the best performance
      6. Set All in all from Custom
        If you own a strong graphic card (with 6GB of video memory or more) you can adjust this option to High or Very High

        We did not find any major difference between Very High and Medium settings.
        The Shader’s Quality is Medium.
      7. Set Texture Budget Streaming
        • High (if the graphics card contains more than 1GB video memory
        • Medium – If your graphics card is equipped with 2 – 4GB of video memory
        • HD (if the graphics card is equipped with 4 to 6GB of video memory
        • Highly high If the graphics card contains six GB or more of memory for video.
      8. Set the the Texture Quality to Medium
      9. Shadow Quality up to Low
      10. Set the the Shadow Type to None
      11. Create the Shadow Filtering to None
      12. Adjust Details of Particles until Low
      13. Adjust particle quality in Low
      14. Adjust the Foliage Quality up to Low
      15. Create to Character Define for Medium
      16. Change the Environment Detail on Low. This setting can significantly impact performance.
      17. Create Quality of Terrain up to Medium
      18. Set the the number of Ragdolls to Zero. If you’d like to have more realistic body movements and are confident that your graphics card is capable of handling it set the value up to 5.
      19. Set the The Occlusion Method to None
      20. Configure the Texture Filtering to Trilinear
      21. Create Water Quality to Low
      22. Anti-Aliasing set to the setting of. This setting has a huge influence on how performance. If you experience issues with graphics performance related to antialiasing issues, you could raise your setting up to Temporal SMAA.
      23. Adjust the the Quality of Lighting up to Low
      24. Set Quality of Decals at Low
      25. Adjust the the Depth of Field to Delete
      26. Set the the Screen Space Reflection for On
      27. Set the the Cloth Simulation to Off
      28. Create Interactive Grass to Off
      29. Then, set the Sun Shafts up to Off
      30. Configure subsurface scattering for Off
      31. Tesselation to Off. Tesselation to Off
      32. Bloom to Off the Bloom up Off
      33. Film Grain to Off. the Film Grain up to Off
      34. Motion Blur turns Off
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We do not generally suggest setting any parameters to very low. If your frame rates are more than you expected after applying these settings, then you can modify the settings in accordance with your personal preferences to ensure the highest quality graphics with an appropriate frame speed.

Optimize your NVIDIA Control Panel settings

If you own an NVIDIA graphics card, you may improve settings in the NVIDIA Control Panel settings to suit:

      1. The Control Panel is Open NVIDIA Control Panel
      2. Select to Adjust the Image Setting using Viewon the left hand side on the Preferences 3D tab.
      3. Click the User Preferences and then move your slider towards Performance If it’s not there already.
      4. Click to Apply. for Apply.

Okay! Let’s make a couple of settings that are specific to Mount and Blade 2:

      1. Select on Manage 3D Settings.
      2. Select to open the Program Settings
      3. Select Mount as well as Blade 2: Bannerlord by selecting the menu drop down.
      4. Change your power management mode in Maximal Performance. It may be necessary to test this option against the Optimal Power Mode because the impact is dependent on the graphics card.
      5. Set Preferred Refresh Rate Up to Maximum Rate Available
      6. Allow shader caching.
      7. Texture Filtering Quality, High Performance
      8. Disable Triple Buffering
      9. De-select the vertical Sync Pulse.
      10. Created virtual reality frames to 1.

If you’re playing with a notebook computer, ensure that you choose a high-performance NVIDIA processor as your preferred GPU.

AMD Radeon Optimization of settings

If you own an AMD graphics card, you may adjust your settings in the following manner:
        1. Unlock the Radeon settings
        2. Click here to play games.
        3. Click for Global Settings
        4. Choose Select Antialiasing ModeRefine Application Settings
        5. Set Smoothing level 2X.
        6. Set Anisotropic Filtering Mode.
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Anisotropic Filter Level
Up to 2X

        1. Set the Texture to filtering the Quality to Perform
        2. In In, you must wait for a vertical refresh. choose Never turn off.
        3. In Tessellation Mode select Refine Application Settings
        4. Set Tessellation maximum to 32x or less.

Windows update optimization

The next step is an easy step to make available resources:
        1. Click Open Update and Security within the Windows Settings panel.
        2. Click Delivery optimization.
        3. Check that Allowing downloads to other PCs is not checked.

Deleting OneDrive

We also suggest deactivating OneDrive in case you’re not making use of it. Just right-click on the OneDrive icon on the taskbar, and then select Close OneDrive. close OneDrive.

Optimize Discord

If you’re using Discord to talk while you play or even in the case of playing with a friend It is possible to speedily improve it as well. Here’s how:
        1. Open Discord and then go to the Settings page for the app.
        2. Click Appearance > and turn off to disable the Hardware accelerator option.
        3. Click to overlay.
        4. Check that the option to enable in-game overlay is off.

Google Chrome optimization

If you are using Google Chrome, you should also deactivate hardware acceleration.
        1. Start Google Chrome and go to Settings page.
        2. Scroll to the bottom , then click the Advanced tab.
        3. Scroll until the bottom, and then uncheck the Hardware Acceleration option (if it is available)
        4. Deleting the background services. Do not disable background services after shutting down the browser.
        5. Turn off the option
        6. It is time to restart Google Chrome.

Power Optimization

It is possible to boost the performance of your computer by using the power scheme that is performance-oriented. Here’s how:
        1. Start to Startup menu.
        2. Input powercfg.cpl and press Enter.
        3. Choose an option with high performance

Enable game mode

Windows 10 has what we refer to as Game Mode, which we suggest turning on:
        1. Start to Startup menu.
        2. In Game Mode, enter Game Mode and enter Enter.
        3. You must ensure that Game Mode
        4. It is examined.


If you’ve got Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord installed on your HDD (which we don’t recommend) You can dramatically increase the speed of loading by moving the game onto an SSD (if there is one available).


That’s it! We hope that you managed to improve the speed of your game and appreciate the game more.

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