Optimizing Escape From Tarkov settings

We’ll assist you in improving Your Escape from Tarkov settings, which will let you play with more ease. This article will discuss Escape from Tarkov performance issues like freezes, lags, and frames that consistently drop and jerk. Also and sudden lag spikes and abrupt frame rate drops.

The first thing to do is ensure that your system has the specifications for the design listed below. If your hardware doesn’t comply with these specifications, it could be the cause of the issues you mentioned. In this instance, it’s recommended that you upgrade your system. The game is CPU-intensive, so free your CPU resources or purchase a more powerful one.


  • 1 Minimum system Requirements
  • 2 System requirements for recommended systems
  • 3 Update the graphics card drivers
  • 4 Graphics Setup
  • 5 Game set-up
  • 6 Optimize your NVIDIA Control Panel settings
  • 6Preferences toc_depth_1″>7 Set the AMD Radeon settings
  • 8Optimize Windows Update
  • 8Optimize Windows Update
  • 9 Disabling OneDrive
  • 10 Optimizing Discord
  • 11. Optimize Google Chrome
  • 12 Power optimization
  • 13 Switch in game mode
  • 14 SSD
  • 15 Conclusion

minimum system requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (64bit)
  • processor: Intel Core 2 Duo/Intel Core i3 2.4 3GHz (or AMD Athlon/Phenom 11. 2.6 Ghz
  • Memory: 6GB
  • Video card Graphic card compatible with DX9 that has 1GB of video memory
  • Disk space: 20GB

Recommendations for system specifications

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
  • Processing: Intel Core i5/Intel Core i7 3.2GHz AMD FX/AMD Athlon 3.6GHz
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Video Card: DX11compatible graphic card that has 2GB of video memory
  • Disk space: 20GB

Sometimes, graphics cards require the compatible models; however, this isn’t the situation. To find out the Version of DirectX your card is compatible with, take these steps:

    1. Start to Startup


  1. Enter the word dxdiag within the search box before pressing Enter.
  2. If you are asked to confirm that the drivers are digitally signed We recommend you select “Yes.

You should now be able to see the version you have of DirectX.

There are many methods to increase the game’s performance Escape from Tarkov. Let’s begin with the easiest.

Update the graphics card drivers

It’s not that difficult; however, updating your drivers is the best step, as typically, the latest AMD or NVIDIA drivers can dramatically increase frame rates. It’s as simple and easy as updating other software.

Start your AMD Radeon Software (for AMD graphics cards) or NVIDIA GeForceExperience (for NVIDIA graphics cards) and look for updates. If they’re there, you can download and install them.

Graphics set-up


The next step would be to improve the game’s settings the game itself. This is probably what you were searching for. Let’s start.

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It is important to note these settings are designed to boost performance, which is appropriate mostly for systems that don’t have the minimum requirements or recommendations. If you own a high-performance system and do not need to sacrifice graphics for speed, you can bypass this step.

Here’s what you should do:

      1. Run to escape of Tarkov.
      2. Go to the Settings menu, then click on the Graphics tab.


      1. to be able to match the native resolution of your monitor.
      2. Select Fullscreen mode.
      3. Check to make sure that you haven’t verified Vert.sync.
      4. Adjust for medium Quality of Texture
      5. Low setting. Shadow quality.
      6. Set the Lamp Details of Object up to 3.5.
      7. Set the parameter General Visibility to 3000.
      8. Change the the Shadow visibility up to 75.
      9. Choose Smoothing TAA
      10. Set Reampling at 1x.
      11. Turn off the HBAO.
      12. Delete the SSR.
      13. Select Anisotropic FilteringTextures Only
      14. Change the the Reflectivity up to 1.3.
      15. Set the Limits for the frame of your lobby up to.
      16. Configure the frame limit for games at 120.
      17. Z-Blur.
      18. mark.
        Chrome aberration.
      19. Uncheck Noise.
      20. Uncheck Grass Shadow.

Game setting

You can further tweak the game’s settings to enhance the game’s performance. Simply follow these steps:
      1. Go to the Settings menu and then the Game tab.
      2. If you own an NVIDIA graphics cards, deactivate the box to enable NVidia highlights.

In the event of an issue with performance.

      1. Check the Auto-cleaning RAM.
      2. Verify Make sure you use only physical cores when you are using SMT or multi-threaded processors.
      3. Make sure to check the box.
      4. Change your view area in the range of 75 (or greater if you prefer and are able to).
      5. Adjust the head. Sway until 0.2.

Optimize NVIDIA Control Panel settings

If you own an NVIDIA graphics card, you can enhance it by adjusting your NVIDIA Control Panel settings to:

      1. The Control Panel is Open NVIDIA Control Panel
      2. Select Change Image Settings by clicking Viewon the left hand side of the 3D tab of the Preferences tab.
      3. Click the User Preferences and then move up the slide to Performance If it’s not there already.
      4. Click to Apply. for Apply.

Okay! Now let’s create a set of specific settings to be used in Escape From Tarkov:

      1. Select on Manage 3D Settings.
      2. Select to open the Program Settings
      3. Select Escape From Tarkov in the menu drop-down. If it’s not there, click Add and look for EscapeFromTarkov.exe.
      4. Configure your power management mode in Maximal Performance. You might need to test this option against the Optimal Power Mode because the impact is dependent on the graphics card.
      5. Set
        Preference Refresh Rate Up to Maximum Rate
      6. Allow shader caching.
        Texture Filtering Quality and High Performance
      7. Disable Triple Buffering
      8. De-select the vertical Sync Pulse.
      9. created virtual reality frames for 1.

If you’re playing on notebooks, make sure that you select the High Performer NVIDIA

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as the GPU you prefer.

Admd Radeon settings

If you own an AMD graphics card, you may improve your settings by following these steps:
        1. Unlock Options for Radeon
        2. Click to play the games.


        1. Click for Global Settings
        2. Choose Select Antialiasing ModeRefine Application Settings
        3. Set
          Smoothing level up to 2X.
        4. Set Anisotropic Filtering


Anisotropic Filter Level

        1. Up to 2X..
        2. Set the Texture Filtering Quality to Perform
        3. In the meantime, wait for vertical refresh to choose always off.
        4. In Tessellation Mode select Refine Application Settings
        5. Set the maximum tessellation rate to 32x or less.

Windows update optimization

Next , we can take an easy step to free the resources of
        1. Click Open Update and Security within the Windows Options panel.
        2. Click Delivery optimization.
        3. Check that Allowing download on other devices is not checked.

Deleting OneDrive

We also suggest turning off OneDrive when you’re not using it. Click the OneDrive icon on the taskbar, and then select Close OneDrive. close OneDrive.

Optimize Discord

If you’re using Discord to chat while playing or even while playing by yourself, It is possible to improve it speedily. Here’s how:
        1. Open Discord, and then go through the App Settings page.
        2. Click Appearance> and turn off and disable hardware acceleration.


        1. Click to overlay.
        2. Check that the option to enable in-game overlay is turned off.

Google Chrome optimization

If you are using Google Chrome, you should also turn off hardware acceleration:

        1. Google Chrome, then open Google Chrome and go to Settings.


        1. Scroll to the bottom , then click the Advanced tab.
        2. Scroll to the bottom and select the uncheck the Hardware Acceleration option (if it is available)
        3. Deleting the background services. Do not disable background service when shutting down the browser.
        4. Deactivate the option
        5. Start Google Chrome.

Power Optimization

You can boost your performance by using a performance-focused power plan. Here’s how:
        1. Start your Startup


        1. Input powercfg.cpl and press Enter.
        2. Choose the scheme that you want to use. that is High Performance

Enable game mode

Windows 10 has what we refer to as Game Mode, which we would recommend turning on
        1. Start your Startup


        1. In Game Mode, enter Game Mode and enter Enter.
        2. Check that you are in Game Mode
        3. It is examined.


If you own Escape from Tarkov on HDD (which we don’t recommend), You can dramatically increase loading speed by moving the game onto SSD (if there is space).


That’s it! We’re hoping you could increase the rates of the frame.

If you are experiencing an extremely high ping, take a look at our guide to help you reduce the game’s ping. Also, since Escape from Tarkov loads a large amount of processing power, you might consider buying an upgrade to your CPU, or perhaps the graphics card or additional RAM if you’ve got enough funds.

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