One Year Later – Is it Worth Going Back to Surgeon Simulator 2 Review

In the year 2020, Surgeon Simulator 2 came out on the MS Epic Games Store, and we discovered some mistakes in our analysis on the title. After the game has been released to Steam and also on Xbox consoles, we’ve wanted to revisit the game and review the changes made through Bossa Studios over the past year. We’ll share our thoughts in a brief overview.

  • Producer: Bossa Studios
  • Publisher: Bossa Studios
  • Please note September 2, 2020/ September 2 2021

The latest edition of Surgeon Simulator 2 is subtitled Access All Areas, “AAA” for short. The new version includes the following improvements:

    • Models of characters updated more expressive and detailed;
    • A new collection of free costumes for every character, including costumes, hats, gloves and more clothing items;

New Twitch-compatible , in-game moderator system.

    A new in-game modifier system for game play, Twitch compatible

  • The content was previously made available and all free updates that will be added shortly.
  • Custom levels can be created using the editor
  • Support for controllers, patches and improvements, as well as cross-platform play.

It’s also available on the EGS version has been updated to Access All Areas, and players on the various platforms (PC and Xbox, Steam, and EGS) can compete against each other in cooperative games.

This means there’s plenty of content to choose from. There was a lot of this in Surgeon Simulator 2 and at launch, but there’s more to come in the future.

This is the story mode it is recommended to go through to become familiar with the intricate game mechanics. The arcade multiplayer mode is where surgeons cut scalpels, cross swords, and fight each other. Also, levels are designed by community and developers, and many of them. They are classified according to various parameters, and within these are some genuinely great levels that are worth a look, like bowling or its parody from Among Us. It also has a unique mode in which you can make the challenges you want to solve and make them available to other players.

I was pretty pleasantly surprised by the quick search to find players to play cooperatively: Surgeon Simulator 2: Access All Areas still has several players; not the most important among them are the players who play crossplay that is available within the game. The players are very friendly, and it is now possible to talk to them via voice chat, not only using gestures, as you did previously.

The downsides that come with Surgeon Simulator 2 are identical to those of the beginning. First foremost, it’s one of the most precise controls that is purposely made uncomfortable. The naughty surgeon’s hand can be a real pain and, if you’re not a gamer, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to feel a positive reaction from the simulator. It’s a fantastic option for streamers. However, they will appreciate it as they watch your hands break.

Is it worth returning to the game if we weren’t able to get over it by the time of its release or quit due to an absence of new content? You should at least look at the new maps and admire the new costumes of the heroes. However, if you’re not keen on these “mocking” simulations, then avoid them.

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