On The Map In Euro Truck Simulator 2 Will Begin To Mark Hidden Roads

It is reported that the SCS Software team has released one of the patches innovations to Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. With the patch update, the roads hidden from view will appear more visible and appear within the maps in a unique manner.

The purpose of trucker simulators is to move your cargo place to another promptly and without any accidents. When driving on the main roads, there are times when you will come across the side streets that are not visible by the navigator. If you choose to follow this path, the map will still ignore the existence of this route. Update 1.44 will alter this feature.

After the update, the navigator will display hidden roads to locate one of them. The system will alert the driver when he has left the main road and mark the secret route by drawing a line. The area explored on the road will be marked orange, while the part that has not been explored remains grey. This way, tractor drivers will know the exact route to get to the secret section.

The update will be available on the form of both and the ATS. The exact date when gamers will be able get an experience of the new version, SCS Software didn’t provide any details.

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