On March 8, A Nice Death, A 2D Novel About Death In Bureaucratic Hell Will Be Released In Early Access

In December, at The Game Awards 2021, they revealed the release of a 2D action game that incorporates RPG elements Enjoy the Nice Dead. We didn’t get to a specific announcement about the game at the time, but we’ve got an opportunity for us to talk about the game. The creators announced the release date on early access Steam on March 8.

You’ll be playing as Death as a worker (yes, Death here is an actual “he”) in Death Inc. His employees are chaotic, causing chaos and affecting the harmony of souls and Death’s plans for vacation. In order to restore order, You’ll need to get the trusty scythe and tell your employees who’s boss at home.

In exploring the procedurally-generated department of the business, You’ll get to meet some unforgettable characters. For instance, there’s your friendlier headless assistant, Pump Quinn (from the word “pumpkin” -“pumpkin”), who is always willing to share the latest gossip from the office.

What else can the Have a Nice Departure provide?

  • There are about 30 spells and weapons which you can discover and upgrade while you play through.
  • Multiple enemies, including bosses.
  • Unequivocal upgrades. For instance, the one you choose to use may not just make you stronger. However, it could also see the Labor Inspector grant your employees (read enemies) greater power or raise the cost of coffee or other essential things.

Perfect World Entertainment is publishing the game, while Magic Design, the company responsible for Unruly Heroes develops it. creating the game.

In an early stage, the game Nice Death is scheduled to be released within the next year, and after that, the developers will keep providing content to the game. When the game is released fully, this will be the following:

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  • Easy mode.
  • Accessibility settings.
  • A new ability tree.
  • New worlds.
  • New enemies are added, including mini-bosses and bosses.
  • New weapons.
  • The story is complete.

West cost “Have a nice Death”at $14.99 (will increase after the release). Russian subtitles claimed.

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