Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Test

Yes, but in the same way, there is no. Sega indeed launched Tokyo 2020 in Japan back in the year 2019. In the beginning, it was still not likely to think that this Summer Olympics would fall victim to the Corona pandemic. Only now, a few days before the start of the massive sports event, Sega will also offer the game to those in the west. In terms of the content, there has been no change aside from a few games that were initially only available as changes in Japan.

A vast field

If we look at the multitude of events that have addressed the theme of the Olympics up to now, there is a single issue that has been present in all of them: the lack of variety in the range of sports. True, there were usually a lot of traditional disciplines in the athletics field to pick from, like the 100-meter race, long jumping, javelin throwing, and on. But the actual Summer Olympics now have so many more options. Tokyo 2020 stands out positively in this field. It is not because of the number of disciplines – in fact, it is “only” 18, but more due to the diversity or, more specifically, the widely dispersed field.

Tokyo 2020 won’t be without old-fashioned events like the hurdles, 4×100-meter relay, and the long leap. But, certain activities deemed to be a bit shady because of their lack of modifications will be introduced. You will be able to show off your abilities on the soccer field and at the basketball courts, display your judo skills on the mat, or display your skills in the sport of climbing. These examples alone demonstrate that the focus of the designers was not a narrow one. Isn’t there any chance that the team might become overwhelmed? Absolutely. We can only say that they have achieved and maintained an unendingly entertaining level across all fields.

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To be honest, there’s no way to know all that is

However, I don’t think you can get a lot of variety from each sport. For instance, the options for playing for soccer players are restricted to a few actions that aren’t able to match the arsenal of a modern-styled game like FIFA 21. Therefore, if you’re trying to make complicated combinations, over-steppers, and other similar moves on the field, Tokyo 2020’s variation will likely be challenging for players. So it’s heading toward the arcade. This becomes apparent because of its graphic presentation in the shape of trailing stripes for shots and other effects. In the first place, the designers wish to help you quickly start playing each sport without the need to wrestle complicated controls or complex game mechanics. This principle is followed by every discipline, including beach volleyball, where players can concentrate on protecting balls or hitting – or focusing on the essential components. While this may seem like a joke, the sport has many more advantages than a glance may make you believe. It is played out at a speed that is not advanced and sophisticated and dependable but undoubtedly constant.

Your accomplishments in each sport earn you points which can be used to purchase fashion items for your athlete, with a focus on new clothing which ranges from classic to absurd. The editor is highly comprehensive and provides more options than other games in the sports game genre. Additionally, you can participate in leaderboards with other players from all over the world and play multiplayer games that can have up to four players.

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Despite the consistency, specific disciplines do not meet the standards of the rest. The cartoon-like style of graphics is not everyone’s cup of tea since it’s teetering sharply at the edge of absurd and semi-realistic. The game isn’t able to determine its position regarding this aspect. In addition, getting through the menus can be difficult, and there’s still room for improvement regarding clarity.

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