OlliOlli World Review – Adventure Time in Redland Review

OlliOlli World has a stunning visual style. The game is tense and demanding that demands a lot of focus. A cool music. And rich customization. In every way it’s a great skateboarding platformer. The full details are on our evaluation.

  • Producer: Roll7
  • Publisher Private Division
  • Please note: 9 February 2022.

OlliOlli World is an offshoot of the fantastic Adventure Time animated series. However, you won’t see Finn and Jake there, and the world shows no sign of the post-apocalypse. Instead, Redland is an absolute paradise for skaters, conceived by five gods of the local area. Each god adorned each region according to their preferences.

Guide between gods that cleanse in Gnarvana and the lovers of the extreme are Skatemaster The job of Skatemaster is to preserve that spirit and enthusiasm of skating in Redland, and also the skater will attempt to be in this role, to replace the master who has retired Chiffon. So it’s just a matter of time until you’re able to get on the trail and impress the skateboarders and get the sought-after title.

There are plenty of hilarious characters to be found in the game, and every run begins with dialogues, but it’s hard to describe the basic plot as fascinating, and soon you’ll be talking over characters’ conversations to focus on the business at hand and thankfully, there’s an answer that’s in the form of “enough talk and let’s go skating!”. While some of the dialogs can be helpful – ones where the characters help the protagonist.

The first step is, obviously, to make your character more unique. You can put on any hairstyle and dress and slip to fit into skinny pants or try wearing a sweatshirt or rigid shirt. You are also able to alter the shade of your skin. the “mundane” alternatives aren’t restricted to skaters, for example, green-skinned. Of course, in the heat of the race, you’re not likely to be paying attention to the color of your socks or the photo in the deck; however, others will be impressed by your style. The loading screens in OlliOlli World demonstrate avatars of random players, indeed and in some cool poses.

The game’s closet is massive; however, the most valuable things are hidden. They can be unlocked by completing challenges during every race. This is the most significant part of OlliOlli World’s toughcore game: you can drive from beginning to end with no effort. Indeed, the game does not allow for lapses, and in the front, there are levels that you have to restart multiple times, but with a bit of skill and a good reaction, you won’t feel any kind of disappointment.
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Another factor is the trials; most of them, you’ll have to work hard. What do you go about making four grabs before getting to your first stop? or not blowing up one balloon cat trying to climb underneath the board? On the contrary, take all the frogs from the crows flying around? Make a combination of two unique tricks and one standard trick? How do you scare off deer in a particular region? There are times when the conditions aren’t always transparent, and to know what the game expects of us, you will need to explore the track several times, taking a look at every fork.

It’s challenging but fascinating. OlliOlli World is the kind of game that’s easy to master but difficult to master. The controls appear to be straightforward: you can gain acceleration through using”cross” or “cross” in the DualSense and perform tricks by using the stick on your left and then making grabs using your right hand. These basics will leave you wondering about the magic combinations and high scores for getting to the very top ratings.

If you go to the trickbook, you’ll be amazed by the variety of moves available. Ollie and hipflip, kickflip, and no-completion are only the top of the iceberg of an enormous set of moves.

Certain tricks are challenging to master. Try to lower the stick and turn it clockwise for 180 degrees, and then turn counterclockwise for the same 180 degrees, all within the time you’re standing on a level, smooth surface. You can also try a difficult trick by rolling on the rail, soaring into the air, then pulling away from the wall, making a grab, and don’t forget about landing in the right way! The head spins, trying to grasp every control; however that’s what’s the appeal that is OlliOlli World – you want to be the best at the game in all its variety.

The most amazing tricks have moved from my trickbook into my notebook. With a bit of practice, I was able to apply them often during races. A scheme for those who aren’t is to turn the left stick randomly, and the hero will spin the deck beautifully. This isn’t the most impressive, but it’s somewhat monotonous, but the most effective moves; you need to have a refined approach; however, it’s very effective.
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In the game OlliOlli World, I upgraded to a super-wide screen for the first time. The standard aspect ratio of 16:9 isn’t enough: the game is highly (very!) fluid, the landscape is constantly changing and, even when the character is at the very left of the screen moving to the right, it isn’t always possible to react to the obstacles in front of you.

Precision and timing are incredibly crucial in this game. It is common to leap off of jumps at the final moment, and when traversing huge chasms, you can barely reach your feet on the edge. Sometimes the sound may serve as a guiding light – for instance, the ringing remains hidden within the crystal of the screen; however, by re-reading the track and repeating the same route, these tips are not likely to last.

When you play the levels again, you can see the hidden details in the beginning. The cacti have hilarious faces and wooden homes on the ground, as well as even turtles hanging in the skies. OlliOlli World is a delight, and you’ll rarely see such a style in games.

The soundtrack is excellent. It’s a good thing, especially even if you’re not a fan of electronic music. The tracks seem to blend seamlessly with the images into the mood, even though they lack dynamism in particular racing scenes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid skateboarder to appreciate OlliOlli World. It goes far beyond “fun to play for fun,” providing the enjoyment of speed as well as cool tricks that you can perform using a simple stick.

In essence, it’s a runder with platformer elements that you can play in this way, aiming to cross the goal regardless of what. You can also learn the advantage of the game differently and master a myriad of tricks, smash all kinds of records and take the title of the Skatemaster. With the many big-name release dates in February, OlliOlli World risks not receiving the attention it merits. However, I suggest taking an in-depth look at this game – it’s a “hidden treasure” that can provide more entertainment than the biggest AAA games.

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