Oddworld: Soulstorm Test

Oddworld Soulstorm does not care about its image among players who are not seasoned. It’s looking to be tough and wants broken glass to be scattered when other games on platforms roll out their red carpet. Indeed, the claim of Oddworld as a puzzle platformer isn’t the whole truth. The mind apparatus must go through a few additional rounds at specific points; however, in most cases, you’ll know how to finish an issue in thirty seconds. The following five to ten minutes are comprised of several failures during execution and then restarts at the end of the saved point. The song Jimmy Cliff sang so beautifully, “You can have it if you desire, but you need to be willing to try, and try again. You’ll be successful in the end.

Quite old-fashioned. If a lack of age or a lack of experience gets against you, the fun-loving era of the late 90s could be a resounding disappointment to some newcomers. The concept of trial and error with no mercy returns to the scene, but it’s rare. You’ll likely only see it with this level of precision in the Souls-like and Rogue-like representations, as well as, more specifically, the 2D and 3D versions of Super Meat Boy (see, for instance, one task numerous variations.

In general, Abe runs from left to right through a grim dystopian landscape that is shown in the 2.5-D perspective. Unfortunately, this means that the illustrations are three-dimensional, and the play’s direction is only in the order of sideways. In general, the vulnerable hero is slowed down by the hordes of enemies in the interspersed platform corridors. Most often, they are fought by Sligs Hunky-backed henchmen sporting the disgusting mouth of a tentacle, who do not hesitate as they place our hero in the rear view of their machine guns. He can only escape their bullets through sneaky.

For instance, he could be sneaky when people just look in the opposite direction. However, it is not often successful if several slugs keep an eye on the situation simultaneously. In this case, Abe has to be more assertive. For instance, he was throwing flammable liquids, laying stun mines, or using his spiritual abilities. The latter let him manipulate his opponent’s mind and, consequently, determine the course of action. For instance, he could create a Slig attack his adversary in the head. In the least, it is not a spirit suppressor in the vicinity to limit its power of Abe.

When it comes down to its core, Oddworld always poses the identical problem, only with a variation of how can I reach the end of the game without injury? The variations are due to new enemies, more dangerous traps, or longer sections without a save point. Also, all the above at once can be pretty aggravating when opponents display incredible accuracy. For example, they target from a distance using a laser lock, launch explosives away from the screen into the scene, or when their reflexes only in the millisecond range are enough to save the hero’s skin. Double jumps must be as precise as defusing mines, which can only be used for tiny fractions of seconds. Televisions with high latency can be big spoilers in this regard.
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The game Oddworld: Soulstorm is, in numerous ways, similar to trying to light a match. It won’t fall immediately if you start it at the right point. This isn’t just symbolic, given that sure of the game’s platform structures are flammable and, due to complex calculations of physics, will collapse when they become soft due to fire. This isn’t just an excellent way to take out enemies but a method to stop your way, like the secret areas with bonus objects that increase Abe’s life force.

The path to freedom is a journey that requires nerves

It’s not all about Abe all by himself, however. Many green-skinned Mudokon companions, who, like him, were captives of the scary Glukkons, are seeking their freedom while at the same time. Abe is now removed from his group. He is on a path to freedom but continues to appear in areas where he can assist his fellow citizens, for instance, by opening gates or stopping Sligs from shooting hundreds of defenseless Mudokon. The scout can also tell them to follow steps to solve a problem. The more proficiently this is accomplished, the better the score for a particular section that is scored by medals. Platinum and gold are the only options for the most precise moves.

If you’re looking to enjoy the fullest Oddworld, you must commit yourself to taking each part a minimum of three times, beginning at level 3. One time to study, another to try and achieve perfection. Between these, there’ll be many unsuccessful attempts because of inexperience or poor timing.

Restarts are a part of daily life, but they’re not less on the PS5 than on the PS4 since loading times can be shorter on the most recent console generation. On the PS4, however, in contrast, you’ll need to be more patient. Perhaps this is a reason to put in an effort.

If it were only one reason not to like it, this review would be a very favorable. Oddworld: Soulstorm, although tiring because of its particular demands on your skills and not for the slow-moving, is rewarding once you score achievements. The satisfaction of winning is enhanced with each difficulty degree.

The game, in terms of visuals, is quite popular. The first two levels appear to be a little dull, but the game’s design gets more exciting in every aspect at the third level. Backgrounds become more intricate, the lighting, which includes effects like fog and smoke, is more intense, and the game becomes more thrilling. Unfortunately, the game’s timing is likely an accident, as Abe’s journey starts after the third level as injured teammates are treated to a quick recovery and are required to solve numerous challenges. Nevertheless, in the eyes of Unity creators, Oddworld: Soulstorm should be a benchmark game shortly because it demonstrates that the overlooked engine has plenty to offer visually.

In the areas where the final touches are missing

The game, however, exposes some flaws that both the game’s creators are responsible for and created by the Unity engine, even if it’s only in indirect ways. These are so severe that, at times, the game loses its appeal, regardless of how well the game’s gameplay is conceptually designed.

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In the first place, bugs continue to surface. Some of them were said to have been fixed with an initial patch. However, we must disagree with this. There are still invisible colliders that can cause many kinds of mistakes within the game. Sometimes, enemies and the player run through an invisible wall. Occasionally enemies cannot be controlled by Abe’s mind control. They also move in a single direction until they encounter an obstruction (which often causes the game to restart).

More annoying to deal with is the time when enemies appear in different locations after the restart of a game – in a way where it’s hard or impossible to make it through the enemy without being injured. It often happens as an example. For instance, if you are in control of an opponent and ask him to shoot the other player standing on the top of a hill. If the other person gets knocked down to a lower position during the shoot, when it restarts, sometimes he starts the place he fell the last time he attempted to do it. This isn’t necessarily a problem; however, sometimes, it’s impossible to bring Abe into view. In reverse, Abe immediately lands in its cone of sight on the restart and is picked off before reaching the safest location. In the worst-case scenario, it can result in an endless loop in the restart.

As long as the designers of the Oddworld Inhabitants studio track down every one of these weaknesses and fix them, they can improve the issue. This is more challenging with certain general flaws inspired by physics. For instance, the problem with water bottles. They allow Abe to snuff out burning pathways that otherwise would be impossible to cross. It’s great, except for the inconvenience of uneven water distribution. Once the bottle explodes on the floor, the drops of water spring out and extinguish flames erupting on the foundation on which they land. However, the water distribution isn’t equal, so occasionally, the areas burn on, and you’ll have to give up another bottle or two bottles. It’s pretty bad when resources are limited and are at risk. This is especially true since it isn’t the only physics-based tool available, and there are times when you require minimal materials to create new tools. Even if you scavenge every crate and jar, you can find some unnecessary restarts occur due to resource management.

Or due to inaccurately constructed ranges that are not correctly designed. In a supposed safe zone due to the fire distance of an explosive catapult projectile going further than it was intended? Can happen! It doesn’t happen every day. However, it happened at least once during our tests. These, along with other glitches, are a result of fine-tuning. Fine-tuning is what Oddworld: Soulstorm needs in numerous areas.

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