Northgard Authors Unveil Dune Spice Wars Strategy

I can recall that Funcom had been developing numerous Dune game… It’s true one of them will include Dune: Spice Wars real-time strategy that includes elements of 4X from Shiro Games, the studio that developed Northgard.

You will be fighting to control the desert world of Arrakis to gain Spice:

Spice can be the largest and most important substance throughout the world. The spice extends the lifespan, increases consciousness, and allows interstellar travel. Write your own space-based story. Pick from the factions available, such as House Atreides or House Harkonnen, and gain control in the battle against Dune and Spice.

Explore Arrakis with ornithopters. You can mine resources as well as fight for territory. locate settlements and then create your base. Beware of the massive Sandworm!

Other characteristics:

  • Playable characters from Cult, including Duke Leto Atreides and Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.
  • There are many ways to win, such as intrigue, economic supremacy spying, open war, and espionage.
  • You can promote the choices you want within the Landsraad.

Dune Spice Wars will debut in 2022 via Steam early access which point it will be available within 9 to 12 months. Early access will include multiplayer, a brand new story and faction as well as other features.

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