No Man’S Sky Developers We’Re Not Even Close To Finishing The Game

No Man’s Sky has received free patches to its content for more than five years. It is; the creators haven’t stopped yet. Every new update inspires the need to do something else.

Seean Murray, the head of Hello Games, said to IGN.

Despite the many updates we’ve made since the release, our wishlist doesn’t seem to grow shorter. The team is constantly developing new ways related to the game, new content or features, and new areas to enhance.

I’m amazed at how the energy level of the team is at such an incredibly high level. We do not like talking about our list of goals publicly however suffice to say that we’re not yet done. even close.

Murray describes the production process to painting:

I like to imagine I like to think that No Man’s Sky is such a massive game that we need to paint it using broad strokes. We then publish updates that paint the area more specifics and apply the game with new strokes.

The latest update does the same. If you look at the list of changes in Sentinel, the Sentinel upgrade will show a myriad of changes along with some major new features.

This summer, No Man’s Sky will also be playing on another platform, Switch. In the meantime, Hello Games are working on its next enthralling game. However, there’s no information regarding the game.

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