Ninja Gaiden Master Collection Review – The Lazy Return of the Cult Series Review

The Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection has been released for PC or consoles. And we’ve put together an overview to let you know whether it’s worth it.

  • Publisher: KOEI TECMO GAMES
  • Date of release: June 10, 2021
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What exactly is it?

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection is a collection comprising three games: NINJA GAIDEN S, NINJA GAIDEN S2 and NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge. The first one was released on the original Xbox and the subsequent two were released on Xbox 360. Xbox 360. The compilation does not contain these games, but remakes of the versions released on Xbox 360. PlayStation 3, where they received their “S” symbol within the title.

The plot of the Ninja Gaiden games series focuses on the adventures of the ninja Ryu Hayabusa who battles foes from the realm of demons and humans. The protagonist is equipped with shurikens and blades, can stack attacks into combos , and employ deadly strategies. Although at the start of each story he’s got only a few abilities but by the end, the character has become an incredibly powerful killer.

The franchise was born under the tutelage of Team Ninja, and its influence is evident in the later games of Team Ninja like Nioh. Nioh game series. The series sports an aesthetic and style of combat similar to Ninja Gaiden. The games are in the same world of Dead or Alive, with characters from both franchises appearing in each. For instance In the Ninja Gaiden collection, besides Ryu Hayabusa, you are able to be in charge of the female characters in Dead or Alive – Ayane, Rachel, Momiji and Kasumi. They also play an active role within Ryu’s narrative.

Alongside the extensive number of character names, Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection includes all of the costumes, bonuses and other material that was released in this original show. So, what exactly does the collection offer to the modern-day player?


The first installment of the line is older than the rest. This is not surprising, considering that it, as previously mentioned returned to the Xbox! It’s immediately disorientated by a rather uncomfortable camera, which is too clear and trying to select an angle that is most unpleasant. Half-empty spaces that have low-detailed models won’t look good neither do they please. This is, of course somewhat enhanced by the 4K resolution and high frame rates, but the poor quality of the photo is stunning.

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It’s also a bit frustrating to see old-fashioned gameplay design cues, like a cumbersome interface, and a save system that requires you to manually activate savepoints in order to put them in a different location from each other, requiring players to replay lengthy segments, such as boss battles.

The combat mechanics are intriguing. NINJA GAIDEN S is described as a slasher that is hardcore, and the truth is that it is imperative to be aware of defense, plan your strategies for combat and plan the ideal moment to attack to defeat your foes. Otherwise , you’ll fail particularly in fights with bosses. It’s important to note that the game’s developers have created a mode with a lower difficulty level for players who don’t wish to dominate the game. In this mode, there is no way to be killed as the player will automatically block and dodge attacks from enemies.


The sequel differs from the original game in both a narrative and gameplay sense In contrast to the fact that the characters that took place in NINJA GAIDEN S were set in the era of medieval Japan, NINJA GAIDEN S2 introduces the protagonist to a contemporary city.

The graphics are better as the game was launched for Xbox 360. Xbox 360, and therefore provides a more realistic environment and characters, as well as a huge variety of effects and overall looks great even in the present.

To combat the battle, too, Ryu has been worked on, his speed is fast cutting opponents to pieces and recovering his health after battle. Pinpoints are a lot more close to the home and variety of locations allow you to traverse the story to determine where you’ll be this time.

NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge

The third installment of the series is an Call of Duty from the world of slashers, featuring a simple gameplay, Hollywood production, and many cut scenes. There are no hardcore tactics, and all problems are resolved by batton mashing. Ryu eliminates enemies in packs.

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If you’re playing this, you’ll notice that the game is full of lots of action.

The game was widely criticized for this when it was released which is why it appears less polished than the previous versions. There are however players who love this type of game.

About the issues

In the event that you decide to play Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection on console, you won’t have any issues with the game’s technical aspects All the components of the game are solid, they do not crash, and they will not delete their saved games.

It’s a bit confusing due to the fact that on PS5 the different versions are contained under the same icon. Therefore, you have to switch between them using the contextual menus and then select the one you like. It might be more efficient to have the developers create an interface in which they have placed every part of the set , for instance, similar to how it’s implemented with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

However, with the other hand, on MS the creators have left behind a number of technical snags. For starters, you can’t enjoy Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection with a mouse or keyboard A gamepad is essential. The game doesn’t have graphics settings and the resolution has to be set within settings of the game on Steam. Don’t get your hopes up on an official Russian localization.

Is it worth taking?

Despite the questionable quality of this game, Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection isn’t a terrible version of the slasher style, and will surely delight players with thrilling gameplay. While the initial game in Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection might not be appealing to the modern gamers, the sequel as well as the final game are a fantastic opportunity to experience the long-running series.

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