Nine reasons to start playing Allods Online in 2022 Review

Red maidens, compatriots of the red shirts, and good guys! Join forces to conquer the game industry in Russia Peace is yours, and the world’s for you! If you’re still not certain about how the Russian MMORPG “Allods online” will do to instantly attract thousands of players, then learn more in our latest article!

Fantasy online game “Allods Online” was launched in 2010, shortly before the devastating “Cataclysm” occurred on the planet of the significant game, the rival Russian game World of Warcraft. The appearance of Deathwing profoundly changed Azeroth and, at first, divided the vast Blizzard group into two distinct camps, One of which included players who were dissatisfied with the dramatic changes in their game.

Many, even your servant back then, first looked up the vastly like WoW initiative “Allods Online” however, no matter how amazing the idea that Nival Online (now Allods Team) world was, the conditional-free distribution system with the significant impact of donations on advancement shook up a lot of the pioneers who were used to playing in a fair and equal manner.

The efforts of Mine.Games developers have been able to overthrow the powerhouse Blizzard corporation, despite their sloppy PR campaign and long-running reputation as the developer of the top (not Asian) MMORPG. There was a drop of Warhammer Online amid its shadow in the past. World of Warcraft died promising Wildstar; however, “Allods Online” isn’t gone.

Recent events in recent weeks have encouraged the players of Russia and the ex Soviet Union to give Allods Online another chance to shine, and the team responsible for the development of the project will not be able to resist the opportunity play. In this article, I have compiled some arguments in support of an MMORPG based in the United States. I hope that it can help you decide and take a look at this fantastic traditional, classic, and currently in development project.


  • 1. Allods Online has an original universe that has Russian soul
  • 2 Allods Online attractive images
  • 3 Allods Online features familiar and well-thought-out gameplay
  • 4 Allods Online features many races and special classes
  • 5 Allods Online has many opportunities for players from all kinds
  • 6. Allods Online servers are full of interested players
  • 7. The “Allods Online” team has ambitious plans for the development of games
  • 8Allods Online” has two kinds of servers.
  • 9. Bonus Allods Online can be played online using the cloud service My. Games.
  • 10 Conclusion

Allods Online has a distinctive universe that has an Russian soul

As with the Warcraft franchise Like the Warcraft franchise, the Allods multiplayer game was preceded by single-player RPG games from the same universe. The year 1998 saw the very tiny Russian studio Nival launched the first “Allods” followed by it was a complete sequel, adding more features and then “Cursed Land” RPG that was regarded as an absolute masterpiece at the time.

Over time, the universe of Sarnaught has grown almost to the size in the “Ancient Scrolls” The chronological line lasted for 4000 years before it was re-established in the New Age and for one thousand years after, bounded by a variety of conflicts and destroyed civilizations, from whose rubbles were new states, and national conflicts erupted.

The cultural differences between Kanyans and Hadagans give Allods Online a special, distinctive taste. Kanyans respect physical and physical work. They believe in democracy and individual liberty; their way of life and traditions refer the players back to Ancient Russia, and Khadagan is an industrial state with a socialist system and a commitment to giving back to the country and its citizens.

Demon invading and cults of the dead, as well as cultural expansions, civil wars, technology, and magic explorations to the allods of the ships plundering the astral the lore of the game, is vast, with many interesting tales collected on the official site of the game, and many times more – within the game itself.

Don’t forget that this project comes from the writers of “Blitzkrieg” and “Demiurgov” Their text is full of humor and references to various sources. If there’s one thing the Russian game industry is known for, it’s the variety of languages. Players who love delving into stories of quests, and looking for the resemblances, will be delighted to discover this world in “Allods Online” and only hear Russian spoken by NPCs.

In the game industry, there are, in general, few works that are good and have reference to our past. If you’re a fan of Slavic mythology and culture and love the world in Workers & Resources: the Soviet Republic or Everlasting Summer, you’ll delight in Allods Online.

Allods Online has a nice image

As a joke, MMORPGs with a similar animation can be counted by fingers. Many do not like the numerous Asian stamps; that is why players so appreciate the style of visuals in World of Warcraft. In this sense, the “Allods Online” game is nearly identical to Blizzard. At least, its the initial three addons.

Animations are simple, accompanied by a wide selection of high-quality models for races. It is also enriched by intriguing details of the art design levels that are quite comparable to the work of the creators of the Western analog. Take a look at the local environment and the general atmosphere within the League and the Empire-controlled lands.

If you are a fan of colorful characters In “Allods online,” you won’t be restricted by the latest restrictions on censorship. You can dress as unforgettable characters from local races based on their ideas of beauty. The salons and costumes perfectly complement the already impressive collection of beautifully created armor. Even the local maunts wear skins. The potential for individuality is vast in this area.

Allods Online has a familiar and well-thought-out gameplay

One of the biggest complaints I get concerning Allods Online is its outdated gameplay for the target. To be honest, it’s not new in World of Warcraft. It’s not any different, and in TESO,, it’s one of the project’s weak points. However, the old-fashioned MMORPG nowadays is extremely popular, not just among old-timers but also with newcomers.

Many hang out for hours on Lineage and RF Online, master the most recent servers, Ragnarok. They are delighted. Even the original, oldest EverQuest issue of 1999 isn’t completely free, and they continue to release updates for the game. If you’re looking to play some old-fashioned and awkward gameplay, try checking it out at some point.

The developers have vastly improved the various aspects of Allods Online, some things even Blizzard hasn’t yet mastered. For instance, the automated wayfinding system when you’re small and slow or even portals and the bag with distinct storage. In addition, the hero rushes to engage with an object and a character. once the time is up, then he quickly saddles his horse back.

These “little things,” which are now referred to as”quality-of-life elements,” are present in “Allods Online” considerably more than other MMORPGs of the past and higher than World of Warcraft Classic, which is also played with pleasure oldfag. That’s not even including the many custom add-ons available from the appropriate websites.

Allods Online has many races and special classes

Players can join either of the League factions, including the Empire or Prydens, monster-like creatures who live within the Allods of Olm. When confronted by the delegates from other countries, many of them seek support from the groups of the powerful factions. The player-pride has to determine at some point on which side they want to join.

There are the Hadagans, and the ferocious, freedom-loving Orcs serve the Empire along with the inhabitants who are part of Zam, the sinister semi-mechanical race which has given the Empire an advantage in the field of technology. The League’s adversaries are the romantic Kanyans, the beautiful winged elves, and the flimsy gibberlings.

Characters who have attained a certain level can join the race called Aedes, who are the people who are a part of an intelligent, godlike civilization that was born from the battle between chaos and order. Each faction (I am sure this is significant to you) includes male and female representatives.

There are 11 classes available that are available in Allods Online. Each has different roles in the standard (healing tanks, healing damage, healing) and a multi-step progression. Interestingly, every race has different names for their classes. While Kania’s temple warrior is called a knight, Khadagan’s class is the commissar.

The creators are taking care of the atypical classes like bards and engineers. In addition, mystics, necromancers, demonologists, and necromancers can take on the form of diverse creatures. Priests are clad in armor, while the Druids engage in close combat, and they rely on the assistance of animals. They are distinct to each faction.

Apart from advancement landmarks, this game features runes and patrons, twelve great martyrs who reveal the potential of their followers, and the system called Spark that is similar to the top talents of TESO. The possibilities for growth are immense if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Allods Online has tons of games for players from every type

In this regard, “Allods Online” is not any different from other classic MMORPG PVE content dungeons, epic adventures Raids, PVP enthusiasts can compete in arenas, visit the Battlegowns to take part in massive battles. Also, it is possible to engage in an anomalous activity, such as an event in the local sports scene, goblinball.

The Allods have created a system of guilds and inter-server associations of players who play Orders. In addition to the traditional auction, some people are not citizens who can purchase and sell trophies of events. There are just five legitimate professions available within the game (alchemy, Tannery, alchemy, tailoring, weaponry, and blacksmithing); however, the game’s creators have tried to expand each by using unique techniques.

Allods Online servers are full of curious players

You may have heard that Activision Blizzard, which has put millions of Russian-speaking players onto the Azeroth needle, has announced the temporary discontinuance of sales for its games in Russia. Since World of Warcraft is distributed exclusively via the subscription model, players from the Russian Federation and several CIS countries will no longer be able to pay for gaming time.

Similar to the issues experienced by regulars Final Fantasy XIV Online from Square Enix, the inhabitants of the struggled New World from Amazon are unable to renew subscriptions for ESO Plus fans, The Elders Scrolls Online from Zenimax, and a variety of other games, including MMORPG that has its publishers and partners in Russia were transformed into Mine.Games that work flawlessly and accept payments.

One of these projects is Our Allods Online, which is not even foreign property. Individuals, groups of comrades, or entire communities can move together into the world of Sarnaut by filling these astral-drifting alleys, marketplaces, dungeons, and arenas with lively life. There’s plenty of fun to be had. The project’s presence on the internet has increased by 10 times over, and the players continue to come.

“Allods Online” team “Allods Online” team has ambitious plans to further develop the game.

They have attracted a lot of attention and have realized they’ve been given a chance. Their idea, which was sitting in the shadow of the Colossi, has now become an enormous success. Since the launch, their rules have been flooded with newcomers and veteran players who are already familiar with Allods Online. Allods Team does not intend to let this opportunity pass by and will increase the number of staff members and open new servers and develop far-reaching plans.

Rebalancing and updates, the developers made sure to release their updates with great frequency and ahead of the increase in players. The latest patch has several improvements and fixes, and we can be certain that the number of players will only grow in the coming months.

Allods Online has two kinds of servers.

Allods Online has free and subscription servers. Access to free-to play rhylms is not confined in time as well as the growth of their characters during the trial limit is not restricted. However, the ball is governed by monetization, specifically for PVP-based activities.

Anyone who isn’t planning to invest in swift advancement and development of their characterswill will quickly be a lot better than their opponents in the form of donations. You can achieve the top of the free-to-play reels if you put in a lot of time and effort instead of cash.

On the servers that are subscription-based on the subscription servers, the Shop of Rarities store with bonuses is not working. Therefore, all the players of these rills have identical conditions. The speed at which they progress and their efficiency in PVP-fighting is directly dependent on their efforts and their skill and understanding of their opponents’ weaknesses.

Free servers are great for users and dandies who don’t intend to play regularly and play on “Allods” for greater than two or one hour each day. Paid Rilms are the best option for those looking to get into the game and make it a success by themselves without any cost.

Note:Allods Online currently has four subscription servers that are almost overflowing with new users. A month’s subscription costs 390 rubles (almost the same as the price of an early World of Warcraft).

A monthly subscription is currently priced at 300 rubles, meaning that, until the end of March,30 days of gaming time can be bought for just 90 rubles!

Furthermore, until April 2nd every player has free subscription worlds. Right now you can sign up to create a new character, and begin playing on the server that offers subscriptions in order to see the differences between the free and paid reels for yourself.


I’m not sure that Allods Online is a perfect and flawless experience that can effortlessly replace your everyday world. Let’s face it; most players turned away from the game not due to anything not suitable with the game’s history, graphics, gameplay, or gameplay but rather due to the complexities of the way to make money. Already in 2013, the developers launched the first subscription server. However, it was not a success.

In these challenging times for gaming, where numerous developers have shifted out of this Russian marketplace, Allods Online has a real opportunity to show those who love MMORPGs that this game was not unfairly ignored throughout the years. Don’t believe me when I say it; download the client now and play yourself. It’s even better since the game is no heavier than 13 gigabytes. Additionally, registration into the My.Games ecosystem My. Tournaments are completed within a couple of clicks.

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