NieR Replicant guide on how to ride boars

There are horses in NieR Replicant at the very least. By purchasing an item called Boar Tusk, you can control wild boars and ride them. Of course, you’ll need to locate them at first; however, once you’ve got the tusk, they’ll be more prevalent. Additionally, wild boars that you can tame will not bother you anymore. This is a win-win!

From the highest point of the boar, you sprint faster, and you will be able to make an effective attack. The sprinting attack allows you to take on the majority of enemies quickly and will enable you to acquire resources like a lamb. It’s the sole fast-moving option that is available in the game. There are a few secure ways to take on this brutal enemy in the early stages of the game. Let’s discover the best way to control wild boars – here’s an extensive guide for the side quest that goes with it.

How do you tame the wild boar

After you have completed The Lost Shrine quest, return to the village. Speak to Popolla and walk out of the library. Then walk down the main road and meet the older man near the entrance. He will provide you with an assignment that requires you to kill the wild boar.

You can play the game “Boar Hunt!” and head into the fields. The boar usually is close to the bridge made of wood. It’s not going to be easy to manage at this point in the game. Maintain an appropriate distance and employ the distance attack. The boar could kill you in a single shot.

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How to take down the wild boar to make the fight more enjoyable, climb onto one of the large rocks in the field, and shoot the boar there. The boar is likely to try and hit the rock with a quick start, but make sure to remain far enough away from him so that it doesn’t strike you. If the boar doesn’t strike you, it’ll strike the rock, and you’ll be stunned. This gives you a good chance to strike him with a melee combination.

After defeating a boar, you get a Boar Tusk. Bring it to the game NPC within the town. If you’ve got Boar Tusk, the wild boars in your area become friendly if you approach them, you’ll be able to ride them! The boar can be tame your pace or simply move around the globe more quickly. It’s an excellent method to travel through areas fast, and you do not have to be concerned about enemies as the boar can destroy them.

It’s an excellent reward that’s easy to overlook. It’s easy to think that it’s a standard quest that comes with a cash prize. However, it’s far more rewarding! Wild boars can be ridden throughout this game. Therefore, be sure to complete the quest as early as you can!

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