NieR Replicant Guide How to Open All Endings

NieR Replicant is now fully upgraded on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The cult game that was adored by millions of gamers on the PS3 has been updated with new features, new combat systems, and a significant increase in graphics. Despite the massive success of its creator Yoko Taro’s NieR Automata, the enthusiasm for the game that was the initial entry in this unique action-RPG series has not diminished. New NieR Replicant takes the first game to the Automata level that makes it more fun to play.

The new version features many things; however, almost everything essential remains the same, even though it looks more appealing. Particularly the endings, they remain identical.

There are four versions of the game. You’ll have to play several times to discover them. It should take at least three plays to unlock the contents and face the final boss. We’ll be careful not to include spoilers, but please feel free to read to learn how to unlock all endings in a general manner.

All Ends

This game features four different endings. You’ll have to finish it at least 3 times before you discover all four But don’t fret you won’t get identical.
  • Finale A: Just go through the story of the game as normal, and save it in an Clear Data file.
  • Final B Start by loading the save file you made after ending A, and then open the next part of the main plot and then play just like you normally would.
  • ending C: Play the game in both endings B+A and gather all 30 weapons. After you defeat the final boss, you will be confronted with a new boss. If you defeat him, you’ll be presented with two choices. Select the one that is most effective.
  • Final D The conditions are similar to those of ending C. Choose the lower option for this end.
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Warning The option to end with D will erase your saved file. It will be impossible for it to be loaded again, so you’ll have to start at the beginning.

WARNING Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 includes a fifth ending that was not included in the original.

  • Final E is only available after obtaining the ending D and then deleting the saved file. After you delete the saved file make another file (with the different label) and play your game till you get to Aerie and take on Shade. Shade boss.

Everything after the boss’s appearance will be brand new. New cutscenes and scenes leading to a new conclusion are waiting for you.

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