Nexomon Extinction Review Review

We’ve written a brief article on Nexomon Extinction: A colourful classic-style role-playing game that is about fighting monsters and catching them.

  • producer: VEWO Interactive Inc.
  • Publisher: PQube Limited, VEWO Interactive Inc.
  • The release date is the 28th of August, 2020

What is the game’s purpose?

A sequel of The RPG concerning the Nexomons with the same name, was released a month and half prior to Extinction. The interface of the game has been changed, new mechanics have been added and there are 9 more elements. In the same way, Extinction regularly refers to the beginnings of the game, has many Easterlings and is still in the narrative structure, and players who enjoyed the previous portion are encouraged to read the game ahead of time.

Your character is one of the many applicants who are preparing to join the revered guild of Naxomon Tamers. In the direction of their guide, a group prospective recruits are sent to the dark forest to hunt their first beast after being suddenly attacked by a massive dragon that does not seem to be a suitable candidate for the rites of passage.

The game takes you on familiar paths right from the beginning and the game’s creators are humorously cut off boring plot points with humor. Like many similar games, players will have a an extensive task in order to help save our world as they hunt for magic creatures, fulfilling sidequests and playing against other game-playing tamers.

Your adventures will be spiced with gorgeous graphics and great music. In the past, there was even the possibility of a Russian localization in the US however it has since been lost to. But it is true that there is no doubt that the English language is quite accessible, meaning that even a beginning level of English will be sufficient to be able to comprehend it.
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In Extinction has significantly less mechanics as compared to similar, similar, and even mobile games, but In Extinction has nothing to lose by playing the game’s mechanics. The most basic requirement to gather the nexomons (over 300 kinds) is flawlessly implemented along with entertaining conversations and memorable characters that keep you playing the game.

What I enjoyed about it

  • Nexomon’s Inventory. Every Nexomon has a variety of slots in which you can dump into, purchased or even create yourself improvement kernels. Apart from giving bonuses to performance They can be used to offer combat training to their troops even if they didn’t fight.
  • A striking visual style. Nexomon is as attractive in battle as it does in motion. Proper proportions, soft colors The drawing could be classified as traditional, but within the normal, everything is executed with precision. I was also impressed by how the Neksomons were created.
  • Monsters don’t attack randomly. One aspect of jRPGs which has always knocked me out of my feet is what’s known as “random encounters”. Instead, you’ll find tall grass, accompanied by the sound of rustling, it is obvious where is the Neksomon lurks. If you wish to stay clear of the possibility of a confrontation.

What did you not like about it?

  • Tile movement. But, Nexomon has inherited the irritating character movement mechanics of its genre-specific brethren. Today I find it to be old-fashioned and inconvenient.
  • There isn’t any clarity on the how to develop. As Nexomons grow in experience, their traits develop and, over time, open new capabilities, but what is how skills are developed but it isn’t stated anywhere even on the website database. Concerning the weaknesses, there is also aren’t any details.
  • A few information. I’m not sure what the speed factor of the creatures itself is accountable in (maybe it’s the evasion probabilities). The chance that they are portrayed of catching the nexomon is different from the actual one. The method of calculating the efficiency of various damage types works is not clear. Status effects have no description. Insufficient information makes them complicated and makes me follow my instincts which is not the way I’d like to estimate their force.
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Are they worth it?

Nexomon Extinction plays like an iconic RPG that focuses on collecting amazing creatures. It’s not going be awe-inspiring with its clever synergy mechanics but it will not knock the players off their feet with its visuals and won’t stab you to the ground with an unexpected plot twist however it will soothe your tired body after a stressful day, make you smile and completely fulfill your monster hunter.

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