New Mysteries Added To Disco Elysium

The day before, fans discovered the fact that Disco Elysium in Steam was a new game with new achievements, as well as an mysterious patches. Now , the developers from Za/UM have removed the confusion surrounding the patch, but they’re only able to state that you’ll need to solve the major secrets by yourself.

The new version is dubbed “Jamevu”. It’s the abbreviation for deja vu, where the things and people you’ve been around suddenly appear completely foreign. The patch comes with an artful description of the patch:

You’re turning the dial and you hear static sounds are heard through your ears. It’s impossible to hear anything other than those trills that indicate anomalous data. Are there any other clues? A slight sadness envelops you.””

Stop! Back. Between your thumb and index finger the hissing changes to an hum for a moment then goosebumps start to flow down your back. The sound is the waves roaring; a terrifying echo of sound. A little splash, it’s…

“…or weaker…now.”

“…death can be described as an “art.”

Then static. But you have no doubt. An unfamiliar male voice tells secrets. You’ve never met him. It could be anyplace. Or even in the middle of nowhere.

New achievements – Eight pieces:

  • “Crapnote. You requested it.
  • “Predator mentality”. That’s the kind of creature you’d like to be.
  • “Ferris Wheel Lighting”. Create a scene that was taken in the previous.
  • “Mullen’s Modus. All the world is black and white.
  • “Lighting up the Gurdy Ball”. Play pinball.
  • “Time to have a chat with Kim. He probably doesn’t mind.
  • “Authoritative among the Eyebrows. Find Kim to reveal his secrets.
  • “Get Kim to wear that particular jacket. You’re aware of which jacket.

According to the creators, the accomplishments are linked to the discovery of new secrets. It is said that you “have to put in the effort” to uncover these, but here are a few of the first clues that ZA/UM could have given were:

  • At times, it is advisable to take a moment to take in the view.
  • Cold waters from the ocean are said to snatch away the undiscovered.
  • Knock-knock, Lieutenant.

It’s not clear from the author’s comments whether the achievements will show in other games. At the time of writing it appears that the Xbox as well as PlayStation “achievement” aggregaters have not shown additional awards.

Disco Elysium is available for sale at a discount across a variety of platforms. For instance, in Steam you can purchase this game at 326 rubles or along with Control: Ultimate Edition for 725 rubles. The creation of an unintentional bundle Za/UM is a result of his affection in the mission in the Remedy.

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