New Footage And Poster From Ancharted Not A Map

Sony released published new photos of Uncharted. Uncharted version of the film. The following actors and their roles in the images:

  • Tom Holland (Tom Holland) – Nathan Drake.
  • Mark Wahlberg (Mark Wahlberg) — Victor Sullivan (again, no mustache, however they will appear).
  • Sophia Taylor Ali (Sophia Taylor Ali) – Chloe Fraser.
  • Antonio Banderas (Antonio Banderas) the unknown villain.

It is essential to remember of the fact “Uncharted On Card Aren’t Lists” is not a straight adaptation of the games. The film tells the story of the beginning business, and meeting of the young Nathan and Sally; however, In Uncharted 3.0, the events were presented entirely differently. This suggests that while the movie is a rule, the games are not as clear, and the film is not a direct adaptation of the games.

“Ancharted on maps, they do not appear” comes in Russian cinemas, with  10 and february. A short clip from the film is available here.

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