Nekuia, jump at the speed of light!

A two-way competition

This wasindeed an enormous task for the creators of Blue Gate, a French studio. They have recently released their first game Nekuia, a tiny gem of a speedrunning game! The idea is easy, you must finish the game by making your ball of light leap. There is no movement; our little friend isn’t even a Paw.

But, it is hidden behind a more sophisticated mechanism. Chaining jumps help you speed up and the more efficient you get the more powerful you will be!

We’re not able to stop ourselves from enjoying it

Attention to attention to.That’s what makes this game enjoyable to play. The clear and simple scenery and the warm, welcoming atmosphere that the game creates, and the music that draws us into the experience We don’t wish to leave the game once we’ve failed. Instead we are determined to win the level , and this is for the most simple reason. We aren’t killed by the game We die because of an error, that’s why we will not give up after the first loss!

Always quicker

As you will observe, <strong,>speedrun is an important component of Nekuia! To aid you with this, various factors have been put in place. There is firstly a choice between difficulty levels. There is no limit, easy while Medium and Hard have a set time limit.

If you are able to complete all levels with difficulty without difficulty, you’ll be able to when the world is finished, face the Mega-Level the level that is unlocked following the boss. It connects all levels of the game (with certain checkpoints, obviously). Can you beat those who created the game?

The second is the visual aspect of the game’s atmosphere. The faster you get, the more the ball you throw into a light, and the more the music speeds up.This adrenaline rush, thanks to the adaptive dynamism of the game, will make you want immediately to try to get as fast as you can.

If you try at playing “safe” you’ll be prone to making mistakes due to the speed at which you’re moving.

The Great Adventure

Within Nekuia, four worlds comprising around 15 stages, an ultimate boss, and Mega-Level await you. The difficulty is rising to learn the game well enough to reach your way to the next stage. Who said that difficulty progression is also a sign of new game elements.

From the fundamental leap to the bouncing plate over the deadly spikes, or the cursed balls, you’ll have plenty of time to develop, and you’ll certainly not have the time to become bored.

Certain levels may require redo, or to discover keys or other routes which will open other pathways.

Interview with Maxime ALFOSEA, initiator of the project.

Could you tell us a detail about your life?

In the beginning, I’m computer graphics by education along with video games are my passion. video game has been my lifelong passion since the age of a child, and I asked myself, why not. Then I joined ISART Digital and worked as the Lead Designer at Royal Cactus for four years. But, I was looking to create other projects that were more like the gamers I am. This is the reason we started the creation of Nekuia.

How did you develop the concept for the game? And why did you decide to make the game arcade-style?

The game is the first we have created. Therefore, we decided to embark on a platform due to technical considerations since we didn’t know if we could render a professional rendition of the more complicated game types. The premise of an arcade is that it’s built around a fundamental mechanic, and this mechanism creates depth in the gameplay.

World Ultimate Level Map 1

I am most interested in the concept that speed is a factor and we can see that only a few games utilize this type of gameplay, except for racing games. In the genre of platformers, you usually see very slow-paced gameplay apart from Sonic or even a Mario… me I wanted straightforward gameplay that could be played by any player in arcades and one that allows players the player to master their skills and speed up.

How was the development progressed, and who are the people involved in this endeavor?

The team consists of four people involved in the project, which includes developers, a graphic designer, a sound designer, and me as the project manager and game designer. It’s a production that’s been running for a year. The game was developed in Unity and allowed for more accessibility to a small group.

What is the reason for Nekuia’s name?

The name is a reference to the atmosphere and the spirit in the play. We were greatly in awe of Odysseus’ Odyssey and Dante’s Inferno. We love the mythological setting with this soul, which instead of ascending from the underworld, goes down to find its benefactor.

Nekuia is the ritual intended to summon the spirit so that you can inquire about it, for instance. It sounds great, particularly.

What was the reason you decided to make the demonstration, and what are your thoughts on the fact that this technique is becoming obsolete?

The demo is becoming lost due to restricting in setting up. When it’s in development, this requires two variations of the program. Every change has to take effect in two different versions.

I think it’s regrettable that there aren’t more demonstrations. It’s, to me, an act of pledge to be transparent to the player. In my own experience, I’ve frequently been disappointed by games that sold the promise of a movie by releasing the trailer. Then, when I bought it, I realized it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting or even the way I was able to comprehend. The demo allows you to grasp an idea of the fundamental concept without spending money.

The other issue is that this is the first time we have played. We, as an individual publishers. We aren’t well-known by the public or through the press blow this demo gives us the opportunity to gain a lot of attention. It is also somewhat odd for major publishers that depend on their fame to attract users without offering the possibility of a demonstration.

What will be the next enhancements to the game? Have you ever thought about an editor for levels?

Level editor is not available at currently, since we are in an complicated process to release levels particularly in one of our lighting games that are extremely sophisticated for the 2D games. We have quite many ideas for the future. specifically the tournament mode, which is currently in use and we’d like include cooperative and competitive multiplayer games.

But, we have the consoles, mac and Linux porting to accomplish so, it will be at the future.

What are your upcoming projects?

For those who want to blow ideas, here are a few.

The most important thing will be the economic aspect.

We’ll see the results of Nekuia to be a part of or in a new production. If there were one, I would think we’d prefer a management game.

Any additional information you would like you’d like to be added?

I was astonished to observe players who are quick and unconsciously and then make mistakes,

The game is simple if you take your time.

Personally, I’d like to have Nekuia performed by a speedrunner since the game was designed specifically for it, along with lively and energetic music. The game rewards speed runners when compared to

Other games that must be altered to make it the speedrun.

For instance, instance, the Ultimate level that combines all levels in the world is an interesting problem since it’s an interesting idea.

I took about 25 minutes to complete the first time , and after having trained, the record was approximately 5 minutes.

So in comparison to games in which the record is recorded with one frame, in this case, the distinction will be clearly visible

And it’s a great way to be a reward for speed runners. The levels where you are collecting keys, for instance, and also where there are two exits, will need to be reversed in order to find the correct exit. It’s an interesting idea, and I’m excited to see what the players come up with.

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