Nacon Pro Compact Test

It’s a lightweight, wired controller that is a bit uneasy initially. It’s due to the small grips that I did not like at first despite the smooth texture. However, the craftsmanship makes an impression of high-end. It’s stylish with black (also offered as black) with black-colored front panels and beautiful metal rings surrounding those analog buttons; the controller certainly does justice to its cost, which is just under 50 euros. It’s also noteworthy that the rugged, textile-covered connection cable is 3 meters long, though it’s not repairable as it’s permanently positioned.

It’s not surprising that the Pro Compact offers the same control options as the standard Xbox controller. There is only a profile selector, which on the back has a different layout but more on it later. The arrangement, however, is somewhat odd in a few places. The select and menu buttons are positioned relatively far from the center, and the share button has been placed between the digital and the right stick. This is a bit unfavorable since, with the three buttons, you are in danger of using either one of the analog sticks on your left digipak or some of the buttons during the instant. A little more distance would be advisable. An Atmos-compatible audio jack for headsets is readily available. However, you are unable to connect to a chatpad.

Other little things are visible. The triggers are slightly too big a bulge, and the resistance is somewhat higher than the original. It was to be uncomfortable and exhausting over time, particularly for shooters. The Digipak does not have any tactile feedback, though there’s nothing to complain about in the functionality itself. However, we are awed by the smooth and precise analog sticks. The buttons for the auction are large, which will not appeal to everyone, but provide excellent feedback. Compared to the rest of the controller, however, they’re a bit “cheap.”

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The controller performs perfectly in everyday use. We did find Pro Compact to be less than comfortable when playing for extended periods. It is, as we said, quite short and thin hands. However, those with smaller hands should do fine There is nothing that stands against an extremely short-term use for an alternative controller from our eyes.

Pro Compact Pro Compact has a huge advantage. The vast configuration options within the Pro Compact Companion App are offered for free download from both Microsoft Store for PC and the Xbox Store. The controller is compatible on both PC and the Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S, making it highly recommended. Pro Compact Pro Compact is fully licensed.

The application allows users to change the action buttons’ assignments, bumpers, trigger sticks, and directional pads. Using presets for Shooter racing, Shooter, and Infiltration, you can also adjust the responses curvatures for the posts individually. Unfortunately, the app does not describe the changes, and you’ll need to play around with it. The trigger settings may also be altered about the trigger’s route. The purpose of the two sticks is to swap them, which is a rare thing. Also, you can adjust the Digipak to 8-way or 4-way.

The only downside is that it isn’t possible to set up multiple profiles. There’s only one option of Classic Mode (default option) and the Custom setting that you can change with the switch mentioned at the lower part of the control. The opportunity to save several profiles and quickly recall them could have been very clever. However, that wouldn’t seem sensible given the cost. We are talking about a $50 gamepad, not a huge one that costs more than 100 euros as that Razer makes.

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