My Friend Peppa Pig – How the wolf became friends with the pig Review

In October, we announced two games that have claimed GOTY status. We talked the story of “Guardians of the Galaxy” earlier and now it’s time to meet “My Friendship with Piggy Peppa”. We’ll show you how true friendship is in our review.

  • producer: Petoons Studio
  • Publisher: Outright Games Ltd.
  • The release date is Oct. 22, 2021

Maybe Peppa Pig doesn’t require an introduction. The animated TV show that follows her adventures has captured hearts of both adult and young gamers alike. Unexpectedly, it’s the “big” game that is based on the same motifs recently came out. It’s better early than never.

Then, in My Friend Peppa Pig we as newcomers arrive in town, and instantly meet Peppa who calls our character after her friend. Hero, as it happens is a character you can make by choosing from pre-made designs. In my instance I saw a smart animal wearing glasses. He occasionally gave his animal instincts a swoop by letting loose a loud “AUUUUF” out in the skies. I’m sure it was not the sole expression of his animal nature and that he wasn’t in secretly dreaming about eating dinner with his partner and family.

However it is not possible for Peppa be regarded as an example of good manners. I was disgusted by her aplomb of which she frequently didn’t pay attention to her pal and gave him credit! For instance, during the episode on the beach she declared that she had discovered a penny that my wolf child actually pulled out of the pool. The grandparents of Piggy, who were in the vicinity and witnessed this but did not react to the infraction, thereby encouraging her blatantly piggy behaviour.

Some other scenes demonstrate that Peppa Piggy values friendship as well. For instance she displayed a photo of me in my bedroom, and it was apparent that she appeared to be having lots of fun with them.

Surprisingly, the parents of Peppa’s as well as other adults were not too concerned over the reality that Peppa had a unnamed acquaintance. Nobody asked whether the wolf cub had a home or if he was related to any relatives. Strange irresponsibility. But, you have to acknowledge that the cub of wolves was accepted as a member of their family and they were able to share the shelter, table and entertainment with him laughing until they started in laughter over his jokes.

The story isn’t even the only positive thing regarding My Friend Peppa Pig. The game’s graphics are exactly like the original animated series and it’s impressive how precisely the creators transferred the characters and worlds of the show into the format of a video game. It’s not easy for everyone to achieve that feat – just think of the weak “Adventure The Time” as well as “The Simpsons” games.

There are many familiar locations to visit like Peppa’s home and her grandparents’ home and museum, daycare center the snow mountain, the forest and beach wind tower as well as Potato Town. It is interesting to note that some locations can be visited in various ways, and each experience can lead to another. As an example, I went on a beach trip along with Grandpa and Grandma Peppa’s parents, along with her Piggy’s brother Piggy were soon there and the family went on vacation together.

The vivid levels is marred by the irresistible splash screens that kick off every time you go. My personal choice for the best anti-prize is the Mr. Bull and Mr. Rhinoceros and Mr. Rhinoceros, who are constantly fixing the roads 8 from 10 journeys (in the game you are able to take control of a car or the school bus regardless of whether they are moving in straight lines) were interrupted by a collision with them. This scenario is totally unhelpful for the story.

Additionally I would have preferred more diversity in the game’s mechanics. My Peppa Pig is my friend. Peppa Pig is played with just three buttons, two to move and one to perform actions. There are a few interesting mini-games, my favourite of them all – jumping into the pool. In addition to the quests, there’s no need to look around the area as they’re small as there’s nowhere to go back.

Without any irony. My Friend Peppa Pig is a great game for children in preschool: loving and fun, as well as positive. It might not be the best game that everyone is playing however, for a crowd of Peppa Pig lovers this is the most memorable present you can give ever.

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