Msi Optix Mpg321Ur-Qd Test

The display is insignificant from the front because of the slim bezels; you cannot see any of the casing. The back of the monitor is more lavish and stylish, sporting a sleek carbon appearance and adjustable LED lighting. It is suitable for MSI Mystic Light. The sturdy base holds the display securely and only needs a depth of less than 25cm.

Another look at the rear shows a plethora of ports that make a gamer’s heart move faster. Alongside DisplayPort 1.4a and 2 HDMI 2.1 are included, which means it is possible to connect an Xbox Playstation 5 and an Xbox Series X/S simultaneously at the same time and not have to compromise on 4K with 120Hz. Even better: a DisplayPort-compatible USB-C port is also available, so you can connect a notebook in addition to a PC and two consoles if you want. Strong.

As for USB ports, there isn’t much that remains to be desired. With three Type-A ports and six Type-B ports, you can connect almost everything to the monitor. The only issue is that all ports are USB 2.0, and KVM capabilities are set through the display on the screen. In addition, the inclusion of Mic-In, headphone-Out, and an audio-mixing port for 3.5 millimeters are also accessible, completing the perfect connectivity picture.

The ergonomics also leave nothing to be wanted. Almost everything is included with -5 to +20 ° of tilt, 100mm of height adjustment, and thirty degrees of swivel. There is only one pivot function absent, but it can be redeemed. The wall mounting option is feasible thanks to 100 millimeter Vesa screw connections.

The crystal transparent OSD can be controlled using an extra joystick located at the back of the device, or you could download an MSI OSD app for Windows and set up everything using it. The settings options are vast. In addition to filters for blue and anti-flickers options, there’s an option for professional use that lets you choose various colors. It is ideal for people who do not just want to play with their monitor and use it for work.

Furthermore, there is quite a variety of gaming options, including the genre-specific presets Night Vision (black brightening) or Smart Crosshairs, which allows crosshairs that change color according to the image being displayed, which means they’re always obvious. Almost cheating. The Smart Brightness feature is available, which means that the display’s brightness can adjust to ambient light due to sensors. In addition, there’s also Picture-in-Picture as well as Picture-by-Picture. Also, great features too.

MSI utilizes an IPS panel that uses Quantum Dot technology for the display, which provides vibrant color reproduction and a pleasantly high HDR. The show is VESA HDR600 certified. Resolution is 3840×2160 pixels in 16:9 format, with a frequency of 144Hz, and the stated response time is one millisecond. The reaction time is slightly longer than that, which is around four milliseconds. That is not enough for a sportsperson; however, it’s more than enough for all other users. The display comes with Adaptive Sync as well as being NVIDIA G-Sync compliant.

If you are gaming, the MSI MPG321URQD produces a stunning figure due to its pure colors, excellent HDR, quick response time, and a high rate of a refresh. Naturally, the blacks may not be as vibrant as on a VA panel; however, they’re amazing. The perfect color calibration in ex-works is impressive even though the contrast isn’t near the highest of the spectrum, but it isn’t particularly noticeable while gaming or working.

In general, our test sample displayed a relatively homogeneous illumination. Display errors were not apparent, and we could not find any issues even in fast moves. However, when it comes to viewing angles, The device scored on all levels. We were especially impressed by the vibrant, vivid colors that make the latest games an absolute delight, especially when playing in high-resolution and when enabled HDR.

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