Msi Geforce Rtx 3070 Gaming X Trio Test

The result is an oversized piece that will not fit in every bag. Make sure you get your folding rule out if you decide to purchase it. With 323x140x 56mm, the installation’s length could be problematic, particularly for older models. Additionally, the card has an imposing weight of approximately 1500 grams. But, MSI has also considered supporting the card so that nothing is bent.

One of the reasons for this size is the imposing cooling system with three axial fans. The system is referred to as Tri Frozr 2 and utilizes a new technology to control the fan blades. Each is linked to one another. The structure is referred to as TORX Fan 4.0.

The result is quite impressive even. The temperatures remain at or below 70 degrees at the maximum load. Our maximum measurement was 65.4 degrees. Even at full load and with the fan speed at a high level, the rates remain within a moderate range, and this is the main reason why the RTX3070 is very quiet and doesn’t rattle. It is thought that some slightly more TDP (240W rather than 220W) is used to cool the system and is not a benefit to the performance. In addition, MSI’s MSI card is equipped with the standard 8-pin connector rather than NVIDIA’s 12-pin model.

Inside, the surprise is on the inside, but they are. Like every other model, the GA104 model is placed on the board. The basic specifications from the benchmark model are still, i.e., 5,888 shaders, 8GB GDDR6 (which is more than enough for the current games), and an interface for memory with 256 bits and on. The only difference from the model used as a reference is the slight boost frequency of 1,830 MHz instead of 1,750 MHz.

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When used in normal conditions, it only provides a few advantages and typically just snuffs a few frames off the card now and then. The benchmarks of both the MSI version and Founder’s Edition are overall very similar to one another. The primary benefit of MSI is that the MSI card is its better cooling performance, which permits a lot of overclocking, as well as an increased TDP that is done in only a couple of mouse clicks because of an application called the Dragon Center app.

In gaming benchmarks, this MSI GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio has no issues, and, as one would expect, it handles every game with ease, allowing 60 frames-per-second 1440p resolution and with the maximum settings. Anyone who wants 2,560 x 1,440 or 3,440 x 1,440 will be able to build a solid reserve with this, even though the 8GB VRAM could be a little tight at times in future games. An RTX 3070 Ti that has more RAM remains an option.

Gaming below 4K is feasible; however, more around 40 fps when playing with high-end gamers. There are some compromises in graphics settings. The majority of games should be able to reach 60 fps. 4K gamers are certainly better off using the more robust RTX 3080. However, that’s not the primary target audience of the RTX 3070.

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