Mountain Makalu 67 Test

Makalu 67 is a great mouse. Makalu 67 is very light and convenient thanks to dimensions of 127x70x42mm and a mass of just 67g (hence the numbers in the name). Perhaps too soft for some gamers as it hovers above the mouse because of the weight of its design and smooth glide surfaces. It has a lift-off range between 1 and 2mm and a 19,000 DPI robust sensor. The USB cable measures just 1.8m in length, and due to the fabric-covered, it’s incredibly soft and has no issues becoming bent.

The wheel on the mouse is comfortable to spin, and the buttons for the mouse are easy to operate. Omron 50M switches give an enticing click and are simple to use. They have buttons on the left and can be reached easily by your thumb. Accidental activation is nearly impossible because everything requires substantial pressure to be confirmed.

This DPI switch is situated at the center of the mouse. It is also accessible via the Base Camp software. It is easily divided into five numbers that range between 19,000 and 100 DPI the mouse must have stored. Makalu 67 is the world’s first mouse that uses the PAW3370 sensor with a promise of a meager rate of error and precise control that’s often noticed in games like APEX: Legends. The rate of polling here is 1000hz/1ms as default.

Due to its chest shape, It’s incredibly light and easily maneuverable. Additionally, it’s waterproof and great for players with sweaty hands or if an energy drink spills. It’s lit by the mouse wheel and is equipped with Base Camp, which offers several options for settings. Everything is available that you need, from precise adjustments to the game you are playing to color-related illusions. In addition, you can save up to five profiles on the mouse to retain your desired DPI and the color settings.

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The Mountain Makalu 67, therefore, really does not leave much to be desired; however, it isn’t suitable for left-handed people. With the debut gaming device, this company that makes the hardware from Freiburg has proved that there are genuine gamers behind the machine that know precisely what they want. An acceptable software that is free of any bells or whistles. The mouse glides smoothly and swiftly across the mouse pad, offers an excellent feel and quality, and, on top of that, at the price that is 59.99 euros, it is less expensive than competing inferior products. What more can you ask for?

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